Wednesday, April 02, 2014

condemned weave burlap

Grasp the subject. The words will follow.  Cato the Elder 

Yesterday I wasted the whole day hanging out with friends, then back home for a conference call with our accountant, always a fun top to the day.  We then had another Illegal Dog Park meeting with wine and a sunset, but this time only about 10-12 dogs.  Pepper short circuits from excitement and after one run around he finds some grass in the rough to retire to.  Perhaps he is on the older edge of his predicted age, maybe about 8 but who knows.  He runs like crazy but sounds like a herd of horses, hasn't mastered the soft approach and burns bright and early.  Then, to get away from the other dogs putting their noses up his ass, he seeks me out for protection and wants the leash put back on-  so funny to watch.  Molly was the star last night because she looks so much better and was running and romping with the best of 'em.   We had two Wheatens there and she was beating them at their own game.  And begging treats from all the guys with stuff in their pockets. 

I went junk shopping with a pal and bought a couple of ends of anaglyptic wallpaper-  I have a few rolls already leftover from the old Victorian, as well as a sample book, and love the stuff for books because it takes color so nice plus has all that built-in texture.  Spent $2 and thought I had a pretty successful day!  Like I need more junk in that studio...

Today started early with a mammogram, if that isn't TMI to give out.  This time it was a 3-D imaging machine at a place new to me and WOW, what a difference!  
not my actual chest structure
It was much shorter, only 4 total pictures, never once painful for the squeezing and bada bing, I was out of there in 20 minutes and that time included filling out four pages.  We'll see what the results show in a couple of days but this was the first time that it was easy peasy.  And if this is how they do it now, I will be much better about scheduling!  Now, about those colonoscopys...

To change the subject from chests to chests- something equally distasteful~  NEEDLES!

Yan Black's sketchy tattoo technique.  I do so like the crow! Scribbles, doodles and elaborate detailing is the signature combination behind Yann Black’s pioneering tattoo work. The Montreal-based artist has gained a cult following of fans over the past fifteen years. His abstract style is mostly done in black ink with no soft tones or shading and often features a child-like quality. 

Apparently a Dayton, Ohio, tattoo artist has been slapped with a $100,000 lawsuit by his ex-girlfriend for tattooing an image of, erm, excrement with flies on her back rather than the scene from Narnia that she had requested. The reason? He’d recently found out that she had been cheating on him
Jackie Rabbit, an artist in Roanoke, Virginia, made this crisp and striking tattoo. She calls it the "Heart Tree." The blood of the long buried heart flows up into the living tree, emerges as leaves before falling down to the ground in death.  Looks like it was just finished, still raw in places but exquisite work.

Stian Ytterdahl from Lorenskog, Norway, will never ever forget what he had for lunch at McDonald’s last Monday, because he had the receipt details tattooed on his right arm. Asked by his friends to choose between sticking a Barbie up his ass and getting inked, he chose the latter (as I would probably too). The dare was supposedly a punishment for being too smitten with the ladies (kids these days).Tattoo parlour, Sabelink tattoo, says it was the weirdest request they’ve ever done. But here’s the thing: They’ve actually offered to give him another receipt tattoo on his left arm, for free – as long as it’s their receipt. Not wanting to turn down a free receipt tattoo, Ytterdahl said yes, and is scheduled to get it next Monday.  Genius kid-  to go through this again for another receipt forever.  Geesh.

 A different kind of needle, one that doesn't hurt unless you slip-  The 10-metre hand-stitched Coruscant Tapestry tells the entire story of the first six episodes of the Star Wars saga. The black borders contain quotes from the film written in Aurebesh, the basic language of the Star Wars universe.  It forms the centrepiece of British designer Aled Lewis’s Such Pixels exhibition in LA.  Wish I could buy this-  my husband always tells people we met at a StarWars convention- this would call his bluff.  (We didn't, BTW)

Winding down now with the squirrel related bit

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