Saturday, April 05, 2014

egomaniac means go

 It is absurd to say that the age of miracles is past. It has not yet begun.   Oscar Wilde 

While I was in the studio today (I know, what a surprise, eh?)  my bracelets arrived AND a little pouch to keep them in with a big ole raven's foot on it!  I already have one like it but it has a goldfish and I use it all he time.  Perfect for a lipstick and a key.  I wore my raven bracelet last night and NOBODY noticed it.  Wait till I wear the squirrel...

(my absolute favorite for it's subtly)

Ignacious (according to one of my learned---and Catholic-- friends!) portrait, with robes looking like Modern Quilting examples!  Love this design but maybe not to wear (!)  Nothing new under the sun.  I always meant to make one of these...  but instead of crosses I'd make plus signs.  Who can tell?  One of my friends tells me that the cross design was one of Nancy Crow's exercises and interest grew from there.  

Trivia night here in 'assisted living'-  yeah, even the leisure activities are coordinated for your aging comfort.  (It really isn't ass't lvg, yet!)  But you should see all these retired MBAs and doctors and lawyers sift through their brains for answers to ridiculously hard questions!  Worth the price of admission!  We did a secret hunt for some correct answers we disputed and found that they were indeed correct-  in fact even the wording was lived right off wikipedia.  So we were trying to decide who from our team of 10 would have to memorize one of these categories: A-C, D-F, G-I, J-L, M-O, P-R, S-U, and V-Z for the next round.  Two people get the bye but they have to be captains and disputers.  No iPhones allowed.  Damn.  We scurry off to the bathroom to check after the answer is announced because we just can't believe some of them.

New House update.  We have a leak in Old House, the roofers are all in a huddle trying to figure out what 3X the price we can pay might be.  TBD soon.  We discovered a plant growing out of the soffit, a sure sign that it's getting nourishment, probably from rotting wood.  Bad news- the roof is now 20+ years old, in it's elderly phase.  The Gooder and Smaller News is that I went to Office Depot today and bought graph paper and an architects ruler and a retractable pencil to start making MY changes in the plans.  Also brought home my medium sized roll of tracing paper.  My job is cut out for me.

Born in Detroit, Al Loving (1935–2005) studied painting at the University of Michigan, before moving to New York in 1968. A year later,  Loving famously became the first African-American to have a one-person show at the Whitney. In works such as “Self-Portrait #23,” Loving combines hundreds of pieces of torn fabric into an abundance of overlapping shapes.  These works were done in the 60's and 70's after he took a 180 turn from his meticulous geometric modernism painting and in a fit ripped some up.  He grew up with a mother and grandmother who sewed and quilted, and he dyed his canvases with old Tintex!  These are so beautiful and have predated art quilts by decades!  There is a book of his work not yet published in the US based on his 2012 show in NY.  I think his work was way ahead of it's time.  Go find out more about this guy-  I remember his name coming up in college, probably for his hard edged paintings, but really nothing else.  He should be the SAQA icon!  

In this awe-inspiring series, photographer Linden Geldhill offers us a glimpse into the unseen world of beauty, lying hidden at the microscopic level of butterfly wings.

This will make your ears bleed, sorry.  But the ocean IS no place for a squirrel!

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