Monday, May 26, 2014

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Everything we see falls apart, vanishes. Nature is always the same, but nothing in her that appears to us, lasts. Our art must render the thrill of her permanence along with her elements, the appearance of all her changes. It must give us the taste of her eternity.    Paul Cezanne

Woke up early today and stopped at a local diner for breakfast. Now-  TRY THIS:  Chorica hash Benedict served over risotto cakes.  To Die For, but I do have to admit I am a goner when someone mentions chorica.  This might just take the place of my Sunday flapjack rut.  We left there and headed over to the MFA to see the Pilgrim Roy show-  it was raining and cold and i couldn't wait but you can see above that there was a line that went out the door, down the steps, across the rotary, down the street and around the corner.  Of course, it's holiday and they were having a free admission day.  We couldn't even find a parking place.  Boo hoo.  I'll have to get back to it at the end of June now, and I'll just go myself rather than dealing with making it a date.  So, instead, we came home and did a few things and then went back out when the sun arrived to go sit and watch the golfers come in.  The show was the second thing I came back here for.

The first was the wedding of our friend's daughter.  We've known her since she was a little kid and followed all her successes for years and it was lovely to see her get married to her long time boyfriend.  We let home at 4 to arrive at the Basilica (yeah, we had to google what the difference is between a Basilica and a Cathedral!)  Cocktail hour was lovely-  i ate way too much, dinner was wonderful, simply prepared yet exquisite food.  We were at an Irish wedding after all and there is no word for 'spice' in Gaelic.  But the standout was the band-  they got all of us up and dancing.  TY and I snuck out after dinner and before the cake but we heard that desserts were spectacular too.   And got home at 11-  a very long day!

I missed my opening of 'Florida in Fabric' at the Ruth Funk Museum in Melbourne for the jury the other day and the wedding.  I sure hope SOMEBODY posts some pictures.  I won't be able to get up there for awhile, but I'll make a date for the dogs to have a playdate at the kennel for an afternoon and take the trip-  about a 2 hour drive.  

Oh geese, this has turned into a food blog.  Let's see what we can do to swing it back

The vessels of  German artist Elke Sada are so inspired by her forms and process taking cues from nature yet remaining completely modern and compelling.!

 Former math teacher and flapjack enthusiast Nathan Shields creates his incredible hot-off-the-griddle likenesses using only ordinary batter and a squeeze bottle. The secret to his pancake prowess is that he sketches the shadows first, which cook the longest and thus become darkest, and finishes with highlights, which only barely char in the pan. Demonstrating his technique and empowering the next generation of flapjack artists, he regularly encourages his kids Alice and Gryphon to try their hand at transforming pancake batter into their favorite whimsical characters.

May the Squirrels Be With You.  I love these bookends---

I fly back tomorrow where I hope I can get back on schedule with this.  First I need to spend some time mining things to fall in love with.  I certainly don't need any more squirrels just yet.  

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