Sunday, May 18, 2014

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My whole family is missing the sports gene.  I hope I didn't screw that up by marrying a great golfer. 
Penn Jillette

Molly is out of sorts today, up throwing up a couple of times overnight and doesn't even want breakfast, so we are hanging here and hovering until she gets better or worse before we head down to the art museum.  Frankly I can go any time, would rather reserve this week's dedicated museum time to the Pilgrim Roy quilt exhibit at the MFA, but no reason I can't do both, right?  Well, except a sick doggie.  She's so pathetic.  And her eyes are back all wonky with that third eyelid again.  Doc put her on some antibiotics last week and it worked immediately until the prescription ran out, now she's out of town operating on sea lions again.  I hate worrying about

My little 'Twins' piece, 'Who's Who of American Women' got accepted yesterday to the little local show at the Lighthouse Gallery.  I admit I also entered 'The Lost' and it didn't get the OK but that didn't surprise me-  I'm just surprised they looked at it that closely.  Anyway, at least it will be out of the (famous) Ganymede Bathroom Collection for the summer!  That makes two of the Twins series on display through August.  And I have some available walls in my garage so who knows, maybe another one will get hung too!  I'm trying to decide on whether to make another donation piece for them for the bra exhibit in September.  The last one was fun to do but I'm looking at a busy summer this year.  
No time for bras...

Horrors!  You're more serious about finding meaning from your relationships with friends and associates today. You could even be drawn into social activities that aren't normally your cup of tea, but it might be in response to someone close to you who is giving you mixed signals. Perhaps the messages are not as contradictory as you think they are. In fact, it may be the receiver that needs tuning and not the transmitter. Look beneath the uncertainty to figure out what you truly want.
So, in honor of all the damn hexagons I've been knitting lately, and thanks to the emergency delivery of a couple of black skeins to hold them all together, I thought maybe you would like to see some extreme knitting art!  If not, click out to your cat videos, thanks for visiting, see ya tomorrow.

Icelandic sheep?  I think I used this wool for the first sweater I made for myself, before I understood gauge.  When I finished it I gave it to my father.  He never wore it either because it was so hot, so then my brother wore it skiing.  I think my son even used it awhile for skiing-  a little too hot even for Vermont winters!

Hannah Haworth grew up in the Mangyan tribe of Mindoro Island, Philippines. After moving to her native country Scotland in 2001, she continued to practice the traditional handicrafts of the Mangyan and also learn local Scottish craft. This has focused her interests intently on primitive cultures, and as she continues to learn more about our early relationships with the landscape, the more her work focuses on craft, ritual and our connections with other species. Hannah Haworth now lives and works in New York City.

snake pelts too
Australian Ruth Marshall has a BFA/MFA in fine arts as a sculptor. After traveling to New York for her studies, she worked at The Bronx Zoo (home of the Wildlife Conservation Society) in the Exhibits Department for fourteen years. Marshall now teaches drawing at the School of Visual Arts while devoting studio time to her art. Marshall's hand knit pelts of exotic animals have been exhibited around the world. Her one-of-a-kind textiles represent an individual animal she spends months researching at various institutions. 

You have to admit that another squirrel is kind of anticlimactic after that, eh?  Don't think that will stop me though!  How about a NUTCRACKER?

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