Thursday, June 26, 2014

tribesmen infamy coed

(Nothing like a little pink neon spray paint (but they forgot that one back leg!)

Never order food in excess of your body weight." 
—Erma Bombeck

Took the day off today to get caught up on some errands and stuff, no visit to the studio for a change. I went for a pedicure this afternoon and came home to a house full of shit-  Molly apparently had something that disagreed with her-  what a mess.  So much for my hour of glamour.  

Yesterday TY took the kids to the MFA for an outting and this was my favorite picture of the day.  Then I looked again, and there they are in front of a SCREEN.  There were other pictures too, several of Elias lying in the center of the gallery with people stepping over him when he got bored.  Though he apparently really liked the mummies.  
And there he goes!

 This morning after our walk the guys plopped down in the courtyard-  in the direct sun-  and refused to come inside.  They laid around out there for maybe 15 minutes punctuated by hysterical barking at the workmen on the street.  I couldn't touch Pepper on his back when they came on-  too hot!  You know what they say, 'Mad dogs and Englishmen out in the noonday sun!'  I would be the Englishman, but I was inside enjoying the AC.  
Stupid dogs don't have a clue about shade.

For Christmas this year I'm making everybody jump suits:
For TY, 
For Mandy and Jackie, hope they are baggie enough,

Nate and Jamie-  all in different camo fabrics,

mine, in some slinky poly fabric,

and one in a girls 7, a boys 5, and a toddler baby size for the 3 kids in coordinating plaids with Nascar patches, just like little gas station attendants.  Guess I better get busy.

You all know my 'thing' with twins?  Well, I found a guy who photographs them-

Maja Daniels, a Swedish photographer based in London, compiled the series “Monette & Mady”, a photo collection of identical twin sisters, Monette and Mady.  Daniels approached the identical twins in 2010 after years of watching them from afar in the streets of Paris. The photographer was intrigued by their way of being and coexisting with each other. Neither Mady nor Monette have married or had children, they always eat the same kind of food in identical portions, they dress the same, and they move in similar ways. If they ever go out dressed in different outfits, people stop and ask why they argue- there is no room to be different from each other.

Squirrel Thank You stationery.

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