Wednesday, June 25, 2014

craig lesbian still **

mark your calendars
somebody somewhere is celebrating


If you learn one thing from having lived through decades of changing views, 
it is that all predictions are necessarily false. (M. H. Abrams)

First of all, I need to offer apologies to Anonymous because I mentioned Lobster Boy back in September.  Lobster Boy was a sideshow attraction in the 40's who matured into a hideous human being, not so much for his claw like hands but instead for his being an abuser and misogynist and other nefarious personality traits.  It seems that Anonymous has a daughter born the disability of ectrodactyly.  I apologize to her and her daughter for making light of the Archie McPhee lobster claw mitts, but perhaps she should take up her issues with them instead of me.  Although I can say with certainty that neither Archie et al nor I meant any disrespect.  I also apologize to any other of my readers who are so afflicted-  I am simply not PC enough I guess.  (The apology does not extend to Grady Franklin Stiles, Jr.  He is still a douche.)

the much mentioned boxes, all 10 of 'em.  Yup, I have also strung them up:
Huh?   Why you ask?   I dunno.

Today I have Pepper on his first anti-anxiety medication in preparation for his long trip north.  He had it with his breakfast, I waited a bit to see how he was doing and then loaded him in the car to see what happens there.  I don't notice a bit of difference, he is still all over the place jumping front to back, back to front and crying piteously.  He was by himself and I get very nervous in all his diving around that he will end up in the driver's foot space instead of the passenger's.  I've already decided he will have to be restrained with a harness, and know that will make him even more anxious.  All I can hope is that he will give it up after a few hundred miles.  If it keeps up I envision TY and Nate just stopping on I-95 and letting him out-  he is that annoying and distracting.  But I love him to pieces outside of a car.  Poor guy.  Wish I knew where it came from-  he was fine bringing him back from the foster mom and on for a few months until he started acting out on car rides.  Today I had to lift him in, he was trying to avoid the jump.  

Bees making things:

Chinese artist Ren Ri is creating sculptures in collaboration with bees. He’s given up control of the final creative process, using chance and the bee’s innate industriousness to create a series of pieces based on the wax cells of the honeycomb.“Beeswax is a very special material;” he explains, “it’s unstable and can change shape with temperature. The structure of wax cells is orthohexagonal, which is an inconceivable feature in the natural world and it’s a peculiarity of honeybees. Another reason behind the choice of bees is that I wanted to try to eliminate the subjectivity of the artist and the mediation of bees served this purpose.”

People pretending to be critters-  you have to look very closely at these photographs to see that they are body Art, painted humans disguised as animals:

There are all sorts of things that body artists can draw on their human canvases, but organic animal forms seem to match best with the shapes of our own bodies. Through these artists’ masterful illusions, the elegant curves of the models in these photos can become the arch of a giraffe’s back, the smooth and sleek flank of a tropical fish, or the nose of a wild tiger.

Trained squirrels from 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'.  Yes, I said trained!

( I tried to type 'awwww' but it just wouldn't come out)

** you do know the titles are randomly generated, don't you?  I don't want to get attacked by Anonymous Lesbians for perceived PC issues.  For the record, I don't give a squash about who anybody sleeps with.  I sleep with dogs, afterall.   

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