Tuesday, July 29, 2014

antimony mull universe

Success has made failures of many men. (Cindy Adams)

Just returned from a trip to the beach where it was raining hard and gloomy so we left about 2 to come home.  Of course as we ht our exit, the sky turned blue, the sun came out and the streets were dry.  From running to the car in the rain I sat for the ride home soaking wet with two wet-wooly dogs on my lap, so first thing I put on warm clothes and got the dogs dried off.  They had themselves a great time and slept through the usual begging-for-dinner routine.  

The other day I had a theme of ceramics, so I thought I'd continue with today's group of embroidery on vintage and found photographs~

These are by an unattributed artist, vintage photographs over-embroidered with threads.

These are the hexagons I've finished since I got to Boston-  compelling info, eh?  And when I get back and add them to the piece I've already put together and add the others I haven't sewn yet, I will perhaps have a 3x3 foot square.  Damn, this is going slowly!  What I did find is Koigu has put their yarns into smaller quantity embroidery skeins, each about 11 yards, perfect for 1 hexagon!  I ordered a bunch of them in brighter colors to add to the skeins of regular duller colors I have leftover from working with this stuff for a decade.  I really want to empty the whole plastic bin!  I'm saving some of my unopened skeins for the borders, should I ever actually get to that part! 
Note-  today I hit a LYS, a real treat because I mostly order online since Florida no longer has many yarn shops.  I found some great green mottled yarn to use in the new shawl, found on revelry, something to cut into hexagon time and keep me at it.  

When I got home I devoted myself to a vat of black bean soup so dinner is ready for days ahead!  I feel like a domestic goddess.

 Now, back to our regularly scheduled program:

Life has a way of ensaring us with its long tentacles. Before we realize it, forces in our lives from careers, friends and family have bound us in a tight web. Amsterdam, Netherlands based artist Hinke Schreuders depicts entrapment through the use of embroidery over vintage photographs. Using female subjects in traditional dress and poses, her work alludes to feminine vulnerability. Dark yet lovely.

This is also a vintage picture, but of course it's of squirrels!  Thanks, dear reader, I always appreciate a little squirrel donation-  it helps pay for nothing except a sense of irony.  For me that's better than rent money.

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Janet W said...

I know it's a bit of a drive, or actually a long on, but have you been to Webs in Northampton? Talk about your LYS. Overwhelming, especially the discount room in back!