Sunday, July 27, 2014

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I draw on my memories but blended with a lot of fantasy... (Bryan Adams)

Just returned home from Circus Smirkus, a kids big top extravaganza from Vermont that puts on a 6 week show every summer all over New England.  Since they were set up about 2 miles from here we bought tickets for the kids.  The oldest kids/performers were 18, most were 14-16, and all were excellent gymnasts with long resumes of summer circus training.  Rumor has it that the best of the best end up in Cirque du Soliel.  I was very impressed with these kids-  it was hot as hell and the show went on for 2 full hours.  They soared through the air, they worked on poles, they had trapezes, and long cloth lengths they worked on, scaring the hell out of me as they cascade to the floor by unwinding the fabric from their bodies.  To see these kids you would never believe there's an obesity problem.  My own g'kids, at 4 and 6, were the exact age group to be mesmerized.  So glad we went, even in spite of the overpowering heat.  

And back to art---

To create his caddis fly collaborations, Duprat collects larvae from their natural environment and relocates them to a climate-controlled tank. He then removes their cases and stocks the tanks with precious and semi-precious materials. Originally, Duprat let the caddis fly larvae build with gold spangles, but he has since incorporated turquoise, rubies, opals, lapis lazuli and coral, pearls, sapphires, and diamonds.

And more bugs---

 Designer Janis Straupe is one of the finest, brightest and most respected professionals in Latvia, has designed and made wooden design products for more than 30 years. His work is practically applicable, technically complex, with clean straight lines, geometrically accurate and sharp, without any poetism and ruffles. He plays with form where functionality plays the main role dressed in very exclusive design. Janis Straupe is known for his untraditional point of view, trying to show multilaterism of wood combining functionality and decoration.

Thanks Janet!  A squirrel knitting and wearing my glasses!  Looks like a pretty nice cabled sock perhaps?  

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