Tuesday, July 15, 2014

chalk crepe bloodstream

...whether you have training or not, the way to make your look make sense is to 
surround yourself with the things you love. (Jonathan Adler)

Two more hexagons done, thousands more to go.  I hand rolled a whole bunch of little walnut sized balls that would each make a hexagon however with the slight difference in the yarns some of the balls aren't long enough, thus this whole bunch will include some with stripes.  What the hell, who cares about whether they are all pristine and the same yarns...  Apparently not me.


Back in the kitchen-

My son and DIL asked me to pick up their CSA box while they were out of town-  this would feed a family of ten for the week!  I'm slowly plowing my way through it but frankly I've had enough lettuce and zucchini-  look at the size of that thing!  And I can't give it to anybody because the new box is ready for pickup in two days!  But if you're in the area and start feeling the need for some bok choi, drop on in and it's yours.

Me, working the cucumbers.

Today I went to the market and bought lots of MEAT-  I am quite sick of this veggie diet.  What I would really kill for would be a cookie, but I didn't buy any.  That's about it for what I spent my time on, except for some major hunting and gathering of cool art!

All those things that drive old people crazy about texting

Hillary Fayle began stitching on unconventional materials when I was studying embroidery at the Manchester Metropolitan University in Manchester, England. She began with using found materials and fabric and transgressed to leaves upon my return to America. She generally tries to use renewable, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials for my art, so this was an obvious choice.These are leaves thatare coated in a non-toxic preservative to protect them and make them slightly more resistant to tearing.  then stitch into them using a mix of traditional and original embroidery patterns and techniques. Upon finishing, they are framed accordingly.

A TOFU TATTOO!  Something you'll never tire of.
I’m really enjoying the work of tattoo artist and illustrator Jan Mráz who is a new regular artist working at Bobek Tattoo in Prague. You can see more of his recent work on Facebook 

If you are tired of putting normal sugar cubes in your morning cup of coffee, there’s a new alternative to make your experience that much more exciting: 3D printed sugar cubes. Yes, they are super sweat. Created by the Sugar Lab team at 3D Systems, the cubes come is a variety of unusual shapes, sizes and tasty colors.

No longer $18.00.  Act now!  Buy two!

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