Monday, July 07, 2014

lebanese chartreuse ornery

Just as a wee 'aside', this particular post is my 1999th on this blog.  Instead of sending me presents and cupcakes and massage gift certificates, do me a favor and pass it on to somebody you think might get a kick, or a chuckle, or a bolt of recognition out of it.  I'm not sure I'll get to 2000 tomorrow as I will be in transit and have much to catch up on, but it WILL appear soon.  Maybe I'll do a review of 'Crybaby', the old Johnny Depp movie where he appears in his underpants trying to escape jail.  It was on at 6 this morning and I watched pretty much the whole thing.  Was it worthy?  Hell no.  But without the dogs here clamoring for a walk at that hour, I had nothing much else to do!  

"All there will ever be is what's happening here. Decisions we make in this moment are based in either love or fear. So many of us choose our path out of fear, disguised as practicality." (Jim Carrey)

My own 'path of fear' today, disguised as practicality, involved these tables that I found completely by accident-  they are copies of ones I've been coveting for a long time, hand carved drums from I don't know where-  I even saw these hanging as chandeliers in one picture I collected.  I am not a fan of the color, each board is different and overall it's an unattractive yellow-gray feeling but I will first try to stain them ebony and see if that works, if not, paint is our friend but I dread hitting all those holes and getting it right.  I plan on using them outside in a covered area for now, but they very well may find they way inside too.  Anyway, I was WAY excited when I found them today at a 
stink in' good price plus I had $50 in coupons to apply.  Win!
They're in my garage for now, out of the daily torrential downpours- I don't have time tomorrow to mess with them before I leave so that will be my coming-home project.  And below are what they are replacing, an un-wound wicker threesome table set that we got from a consignment shop and needed work when I got it, but the rain beat me down!  

No matter how my new ones turn out, it's an upgrade.

Kanye's Blast of Wisdom, ay yi yi.  It doesn't get much better than this.

Spanish artist Eloy Morales has created an eye-catching series of self portraits with an interesting catch – they’re not photographs, they’re paintings.  If you’re like me, you probably first thought that these were simply photographs of an artist who had covered his face in paint. However, that’s not the case – Morales painstakingly painted each one by hand. The last image reveals that this is indeed the case.  Amazing.  And he looks pretty good even with goo on his face!

Kimika Hara is a fascinating artist living in Kyoto, Japan. I absolutely adore her hand-embroidered illustrations– the colors are amazing, the textures created by printed fabrics, stitches, and beads are simply lovely. What a wonderful technique!  Jane Davila found these for me, thanks!

I know I should have ended with that fabulous squirrel embroidery, but how can I resist this next video of a squirrel named Sandy!!  Think of her as today's Bonus Squirrel, OK?

Having squirrels named after you is ever so much better than hurricanes.

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Max said...

Two words . . . spray paint. One thing we owe graffitti artists is undying gratitude for the insane variety in spray paints that are available now . . .the range of color for the acrylic paints are awesome . . . that and a couple coats of clear coat and rain won't be a problem anymore.