Tuesday, July 22, 2014

tungsten coverlet chain

“To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three parts dead.”
~ Bertrand Russell, b. 18 May 1872

Nope, I am NOT in this show (sniff) but two of my crit group members are.  If you're in the area, this is a fabulous museum and a prestigious show so GO!  I hope to be at the opening if Somebody hasn't made other plans for me (grrrr).  Fuller Craft Museum-  here's the link to the show information.

High excitement around here-  I'm getting ready to go sit for this guy for a few hours. Fortunately it's a lovely day and we may get outside for some walking-around and park time.  Today is his mom's birthday and she is going out for one whole hour, but I'll encourage her a bit to extend the time but not leave town!  He is starting to make the strangest faces...

I bet he would like these-  today's lesson will be BAAAA BAAAA.  We'll report on if I am a failure at animal noises in spite of my experience pretending to be a crow when crows are around.  Sometimes I even get their attention.  Let's hope I can do it with Mister!
UPDATE:  He wasn't all interested in my animal sounds, all he wanted was to crawl and grab electrical cords!  He found a lamp cord hanging down and I grabbed it just in time, he pulled loose the intercom wires attached to the baseboard, he found an extension cord way under the couch and was bound and determined to get it.  He has just started crawling and is hell bent to get at everything he's been just looking at all these months.  Tried to feed him, NO way!  Gave him a bottle and he flung it.  He just wanted down and to get into something.  But the little gnome does it with such a good nature...  Awwww.  Oh.  Yeah, I said I would never DO this with grandkids, didn't I?

How about I gave him back to his mom with a big black and blue forehead due to me not stopping him in time from bashing into a radiator, looking up, and going back a step and bashing into it again!  Little critter didn't even cry.  I think I'll get him a helmet before he gets a bike.  Is there a grannie abuse line at DYS?  

Today I am concentrating on paper constructions it seems.  I just happened to have both of these artists on hand and they came together:

in progress

 Marcelo Daldoce’s Origami Watercolor Works Conceal And Reveal The Human Figure Between The Folds

Paper artist Mandy Smith and creative director Hal Kirkland have recently collaborated on an interactive paper sculpture that invites people to experience the world’s most recognizable instrument of death, head first. The project titled "Paper Cuts" brings a new twist to this infamous apparatus while arousing people’s natural fascination for the macabre. Every time the paper blade falls a camera is triggered to capture the terrified expression of the those who have put their neck on the line for art.

 Chawne Kimber, 'Squirrelzilla Can't Quilt', above
and this one too-  'Behold My Nuts'.  I'm thinking this lady could be my new BFF.

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