Tuesday, August 19, 2014

copenhagen despair boa

I shoulda stayed in bed.  First thing this morning I got a text message that my debit card had been 'compromised' so I called right away only to find that they had rejected my payment to Apple for my new computer (bought on tax free day!) because it was 'unusual activity'.  AND they had cancelled my card  and will send me a new one.  Issue #1-  they never called me first to check on the purchase.  Issue #2- my address is FL and I'm in MA so the mail will take it south where it will then be mailed north and because I don't have any mail here, it will go into a black hole never to be seen again.  SO, off I toddled to the bank to get a temporary card.  Then I toddled off to Apple where they told me I had to add a new card online. Next toddle was back home to deal with Online Apple where they told me I need a new order and I will lose my tax free purchase day.  That's what got my hackles up and I started screaming.  Results are I am waiting for them to call me back to get the new credit card number and they are giving me a new case for the computer.  All this is going on with the dog spewing diarrhea and ending a -hmmm- we'll call it a 'personal attention' bath which then necessitates a disinfecting of the kitchen.  And a supermarket stop to get a big can of pumpkin and a Petco stop to grab new food for sensitive stomachs.  This was all before noon.  I want to run away but I don't have a credit card...  so instead let's look at some cool art-

North Carolina-based artist Yumi Okita creates beautiful textile sculptures of months, butterflies, and other insects with various textiles and embroidery techniques. The pieces are quite large, measuring nearly a foot wide and contain other flourishes including painting, feathers, and artificial fur. You can many of her most recent pieces here.

Every July, as part of Ágitagueda art festival, hundreds of umbrellas are hung over promenades in the streets of Águeda, a municipality in Portugal. The beautiful tradition started only 3 years ago, but has already earned world fame for the place.The installation not only adds a vibrant splash of color to the otherwise plain streets, but also creates a much needed shade from the heat.


Christine Nielsen said...

I laughed out loud - at the cartoon, not your tribulations. I am sitting here waiting for a delivery while all the while thinking I am being scammed. Not a good day for anyone it appears.

Mary Beth Frezon said...

hysterical squirrel, but oh! those moths!

Deanna said...

Sorry for Molly's woes and therefore yours. Love the moths and the squirrel with nuts eating nuts.