Thursday, August 21, 2014

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“I am a walking piece of art every day, with my dreams and my ambitions forward at all times in an effort to inspire my fans to lead their life in that way.”     ~ Lady Gaga, b. 28 March 1986

Entered a new decade today and nothing special happened except TY went to Peets and bought me surprise pastries for breakfast.  Didn't finish them until lunch.  Then I prepared dinner- a jar of pickled herring and crackers and Polar Diet Orange.  Obviously out of my gourmet phase in this new decade.  We leave for Quebec City in the morning and I am saving my appetite for that (plus cleaning the refrigerator out).  We just made another reservation for dinner so now we have a couple of done deals, and a few nights to wander around poking into places looking for canard.  Elias called to sing me 'YMCA', but those are the only words he knows so far.  Hazel chimed in with her Ethel Merman version of 'Happy Birthday'.  And I got lots of cards and other phone calls and caught up with old friends.  Nice day, nothing happened except that I've gotten packed and the place cleaned up. 

and the installation.
Emerging Swedish artist Nina Lindgren works in illustration, photography and printmaking, and most recently has added architecture to her repertoire. The artist has been developing a series of geometric, cardboard sculptures that look like tiny cityscapes condensed into tightly-packed shapes. Her most recent one, “Floating City,” was exhibited at ArtRebels Gallery in Copenhagen. The hanging piece is a multifaceted form that gives its mundane medium new life in viewers’ imaginations as they traverse the levitating metropolis.

 Steven and William Ladd performed their piece Volcano at the Museum of Arts and Design, Forty people packed into a fifth-floor gallery to watch the artists dismantle their work, a tower of 24 red suede boxes stacked in two columns. They lifted the lids one by one to reveal tiny landscapes crafted from cloth and beads. They lined up all the boxes into one rectangular landscape. In two minutes, the tower unfolded into a terrain of fabric volcanoes and beaded vegetation.  In the center of each box were bold twists of red suede, shaped like the mouths of volcanoes. Sewn around them were hundreds of little balls made from green thread. Chains of red and gold beads stood upright in some boxes, bunched together like the fingers of sea anemone. They sparkled, giving the illusion of gushing lava. Bronze spiders with four legs balanced on one of these bead bundles. Any of the containers could have stood alone.

 So, I peeked into Spoonflower to see what's new there-  what a company!  I was in on their beta rollout and love the fabrics I had printed but they have grown by leaps and bounds and I don't use them much anymore.  I'm kind of off of buying anything not absolutely necessary.  But OMG, they had pages and pages of squirrel fabrics...just in case you're in the market.  GUESS which one is my favorite...

Many more CRAZED Squirrels Here:

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