Wednesday, August 06, 2014

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The busier you are the more you can accomplish. (B. J. Adams)

Whew, another weekend bites the dust.  We had a good time with old friends Saturday night, then on Sunday there was a memorial service for my MIL on the tenth anniversary of her death so we saw many family members we don't get to very often. Then, that evening, I had the little family over to celebrate Nate's birthday with tacos.  And a store-bought Key Line cheesecake.  Embarrassing.  I USED to be the baker and would never think of buying a cake but the thoughts of making crust and cutting up all his expected rhubarb and strawberries for pie left me paralyzed.  Ya see, I don't know how OLD the flour is here, and I unwrapped a butter stick the other day to find it had gone rancid-  My baking powder was probably with me when we moved in 15 years ago.  I just couldnt face the audit and the shopping and the mess.  So instead I made pork belly tacos-  talk about mess-  the entire kitchen was slippery with grease!  Because Jackie doesn't eat meat, I also made fish tacos, and fish is all I can smell today even after I took the trash out last night.  Next time it will be the pie-  I now see that as no fuss!  

Little Mister was quite different last night from the last time they brought him over-  a bit antsy to get to the floor and chase the poor dogs.  I kept the old bitchy Molly away, but of course that just made him want to get at her even more.  He did manage to get a handful of Pepper's head fur and give it a yank that made him yelp in pain but Pepper is really gentle and didn't make any moves toward the funny hairless animal holding onto him.  

Speaking of the funny hairless animal, here's the predicament from yesterday-  he tried to pull himself up to standing on a plant, the elephant in the room just watched:
He emerged, with help, surprised and smiling.  And I think the plant will be moved, probably to a hospital room.

A New Project for me!   All weekend I have been hunting down images of obscured faces, now I am trying to decide what to DO with them.  The front runner is Pinterest but I don't want to overload the boards with 100 pins of obscured faces all at once.  So maybe I will upload them all to a *secret* board and then after they are mostly all there, UNsecret it.  It looks like it will be something I keep adding to, so check out Pinterest after a week or so and see if I got it all moved over there.  Here's a preview of three of them

Of course I now need to track them down for attribution, but this is just a sample of what I've got to work with.  Cool beans, eh?

 Katy Smail is a Scottish illustrator living and working in Brooklyn. Her unabashedly feminine florals are the latest addition to Buy Some Damn Art  I just love these paintings, so fresh!

 New book by Judy Chicago of 'The Doinner Party' fame.  Available on Amazon HERE.

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