Thursday, August 07, 2014

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It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment. (Ansel Adams)

After a harrowing time getting here, you can tell by the above where I might be-  where else but in Vermont would they be giving out Maple Seltzer in the hotel room?  

But to return to 'harrowing'-  we were all packed and off to drop the dogs at the kennel but they wouldn't take Molly because she needs injections for her insulin.  The kennel's option was to make an appointment with the affiliated vet and board her with them-  but they wouldn't take her without me being at the appointment and they couldn't give me one until late in the afternoon-  well after the time we were expected in VT.  I left Pepper with the original kennel and called the kennel we used when Molly lived in Newton-  same deal-  the vet had to examine her before they would board her, and the next appointment, on an emergency basis, was late that afternoon.  Wouldn't work.  Out of desperation I called my friend Lisa who takes care of dogs as a little sideline but has never done injections, didn't plan on being stuck with a dog for a few days, and is so much of a friend that she wouldn't say no.  So, back to the house to get Molly's food, off to drop her with Lisa, and we hit the road to pick up a prescription on the way.  Of course the pharmacy was closed for lunch until after 2 PM.  We went and got something to eat while we waited, then doubled back and got the prescription and off we went 3 hours behind schedule.  And with jumpy stomach dividing my dogs and leaving Lisa with a nervous fur-child.  
So, so far I am not having a very good time, too upset over the dog thing, and what I have to do for our next trip later in August.  I was all set, but now back to square 1, have to set up vet appointments for both, HOPE I can get boarding for both, and arrange for their records to be sent.  And that's my morning.  

From Painter's Keys:  "Is creativity a motive to reach success or is success a motive to create? In what way did success influence your art? Do you need success to exist as an artist? Does success inevitably include recognition? Could a successful artist be claimed as a complete artist?"  Discuss.  
My own thoughts (what else!) are that the two aren't related.  there is an inner drive to create whether it is aimed at success or not.  Over my years I had attained a bit of success, in my terms that means simply meeting some loose goals of getting into some good shows and having some work I am proud of.  I also loved teaching for all those years.  So it was more a personal success than  'success as artist' or permanent recognition.  

Because I am on very intermittent web access today in these here mountains, I will only try to upload these amazing miniature food images-  I've included the ones with the fingers to show scale, but the one that blows me away is the ham!

Last night after we arrived here was an outdoor cocktail party and a guy walking around with a big falcon on his arm.  (Picture isn't of the falcon)
He was very knowledgable and talked to us about which kind of falcons are reliable for this sort of thing.  He removed the hood on the bird and his head swung 180 degrees following a woman with  palate of bacon-wrapped somethings.  The guy said they can go after pheasants and sometimes even turkeys.  Falcons catch food in the air, while hawks get their food on the ground.  Later on, the guy had a hawk he was letting fly and it was amazing the way he swooped down into the crowd, with his bells jingling.  I learned a lot, and have new respect for the Coopers Hawk family living in the tree behind my Florida house.

So, in closing today, a picture of some Falcon Dinner, and an albino at that so he can be easily spotted!

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