Saturday, August 16, 2014

ravine fireboat melange

Just living is not enough... one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. 
(Hans Christian Andersen)

Well let's see what's new-hmmmm.  I finished the fifth section of the scarf I'm knitting last night, I've written out the directions for the 6th section on a 4x6" card so I can carry it around and 'know' it by heart without all the pages.  I've wound three more skeins by hand for the hexagons and have my little knitting (T)raveling bag ready to go for the car.  Though 'Raveling' Bag is more true to content.  Weather is really cool, I'm wearing a coat today even though it's bright and sunny.  And I bought a new computer because it's 
MA tax free day and it's downright patriotic to spend money today, right?
I didn't get to clutch it to my chest walking out of the mall, it's being configured for me, and sent to the Apple store next week which works for me since I'll be gone until then anyway.  Got the MacBook Air.  TY has one and I am always jealous that it fits so well in a travel bag and is so light.  Mine is getting really balky and I want to get it set up before this baby crashes for it's last time.  Will also get the external HD when I pick it up since my last one made it about a year and then left me for better parts unknown.  

I can't wait to get home to my studio, feel like I've lost the whole summer.  With good reason, 'cause I have!  Dammit.

In Other News (as they say), you might know my birthday is coming up and look at what I got to celebrate! A few years ago when I was thinking about birthdays I got a notice that I am diabetic as my present.  Now this.  
First of all, I stopped all mail to this address about two years ago but somehow this managed to get through.  What a happy day, funeral assistance.  Since I come from the persuasion that 'Dead is Dead' this is the last of my thoughts.  Whoever is in charge will do what they bloody well please anyway, I'm not attending the party.  Maybe I will put Teddy in charge and she can get another trip to Colorado out of it, as long as she promises not to take my urn (OR ZIPLOCK BAGGIE) along white water rafting.  

BUT... on to today and the here-and-now!  You've probably heard about (or possibly seen) the famous glass flowers at the Fogg Museum?  Along those lines, glass fungi!

“These delicate glass models reveal a hidden, yet beautiful, microscopic world of fungi. Examining mouldy fruit or rotten vegetables would disgust many people, but Dr. Dillon Weston (1899-1953) made studying fungal diseases of fruit and vegetables a lifetime’s passion. He created these models of the intricate fungi he saw down the microscope using glass rods and a Bunsen burner.”

now a bit closer

and closer still!

Artist Ruth Marshall here,  another of her beautiful knit installations. I invite you to like Ruth’s Facebook page for updates. And here is her website.

Which leads us to the Fatted Squirrel, a little guy who must be getting his excess carbs somewhere out of the wild and woolly park.  Makes climbing trees difficult, but the landing is softer.
I kinda know how he feels-  I had a huge breakfast, and now I have to go out to n early dinner.  Roll me down the street...


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