Monday, September 01, 2014

appendixredone begun lass

"Creativity takes courage." (Henri Matisse)

One last visit with Mister tonight and he was in full toddler mode.   Absolutely the most enjoyable kid I've ever been around-  he doesn't know how to fuss!  It's lovely to have him visit.  The little family is off to Austin tomorrow morning for Nate to do some editing on his commercial, I hope they have time for some BBQ -  assuming they have some roasted vegetables for Jackie too.  TY and I are off in the morning with the doggies for The Ride, illustrated above at a rest stop.  I'm the human.  Hope we make it.  But because of the Ride, I won't guarantee any blogging, but you don't want to hear a post that's 
"Hey, I'm in Hagerstown",  or "Rolling into Roanoke."  Maybe I'll announce my first Waffle House sighting, but that's about it.  I'll see you officially Friday if not before.

Meanwhile, let's have a look at Tree Abuse:
A tree devouring a bench

Suffering the effects of too-tight Christmas lights

It liked this motorcycle leaning on it so grew a root to hold it tighter

Somebody left the sap bucket on a few years too long

And it didn't like the sign and nobody spray painted it so the bark oozed over it

Pesky fence got in the way of the traveling' tree

Careful text placement changes everything!

These next tree abuse chandeliers were meant to hang in trees and sparkle with reflected light

Do you know how heavy ice-laden crystals can get?  (But aren't they pretty?)
Designed to be hung from tree branches during winter, Arturo Erbsman's "Polar Light" is an ice chandelier composed of a metal structure covered with a soft white woven fishnet that catches water and gradually freezes it and turns it into beautiful stalactites. At nightfall, the chandelier glows as rays from a light source pass through the ice, highlighting the beauty and delicacy of the crystallization of water. Via his website, "This project considers factors of climate as potential drivers that can interact with manmade objects. It is the first result of my ongoing experimental research on relationship between manufactured objects and the four elements of nature."

It's exhausting, just exhausting.  Beam me up!

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