Wednesday, September 10, 2014

asilomar macrophage cluster

As there is not the least trace of abstraction in this art, we will call it concrete art. (Hans Jean Arp)

Apparently my images for the National Park show opening soon weren't sufficient for the catalog so I was notified to send larger ones-  I don't know why this happened because the images I took were of the right size.  When I sent the dups, I found that that only small versions got sent of my large images, took three tries before I used gmail and sent attachments and it all finally got there!  I've never had this issue before-  hope I remember this next time!  

This week and next are taken up with doctor appointments every darn day it seems-  today was the eye doc and I was pleased to learn there aren't many changes BUT he put me on a 4 month watch now, I've been downgraded from a 6 month appointment.  And I got reprimanded about not using the eye drops quite as religiously as I should.

Insect eyes, not MY eyes..., but they could be aliens or ceramic shapes or or or!
 Whatevah...  the problem was that my eyes were dilated and it wrecked me for the rest of the day, so POOF!  Another day lost.  Finally tomorrow should be OK for getting some work done even though I have to get my hair cut, another appointment long overdue, but not until late afternoon.  I'm hoping things level off a bit soon and we get caught up and back in the old routine.  TY goes away for a few days soon so I'll be able to feet this place picked up and ready to put on the market next month-  MUCH to get rid of or to store in the studio to get it out of here!  

Oh yeah, I solved the issue with the broken mirror-  even though it was 30 days past the claim date, the place I ordered it from is sending a new one.  I had to send them a picture of the broken mirror and the box that it arrived in that I found a slash across, but it was obviously not a scam for me to get a new mirror.  Now, what to do with all the broken glass!  The frame is round but I'm not terrible excited about the finish-  guess I'll make something round to sit inside it.  

SOOoooo Today lets talk ceramics:

Please visit Peter Pincus’s website to see more of his beautiful work. And here is his store.

Eileen Braun is a native of Massachusetts. Her formal arts training began at C. W. Post College (Long Island, New York) and continued at Indiana University (Bloomington) where she was awarded a B. A. degree in Sculpture and Education. Her ceramics training was acquired at local Arts Centers and Regional Workshops. Ms. Braun has taught in public schools, served as Executive Director of a suburban New York Arts Center, and also has experience as a Museum Gift Buyer and Manager. Ms. Braun completes the majority of her work in her Atlanta, Georgia home studio.

 I love this series of ceramics by Ben R. Anderson. In the artist’s own words: “Handling the clay, creating forms with my hands, and carving the clay are activities I enjoy. It is important for me to touch the clay in all its stages, while wet, while leather hard and while dry. In the end, what I’ve found in the clay and the color achieved through glaze is an ability to create a small, but highly charged object.”

Squirrel offering

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