Tuesday, September 09, 2014

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Sounds about right

"Becoming is superior to being." (Paul Klee)

Things are getting back to more normal today-  I had my Stitch group, though small because nobody is back yet-  then lunch where the snack bar was featuring yellow fin tacos that turned out to be quite fabulous.  After lunch I raced to my dentist checkup and all is well in that department.  Halfay through the appointment I got a call that the dogs were ready to pick up from the groomers, so it was a busy afternoon racing around.  I lost all my contacts on my phone at some pout, but luckily I was bitching to the denyal hygienist  and she had recently gone through something similar so gave me a few steps that didn't seem to work but on the way home I noticed the con acts had returned.  Thanks, Sarah!  (I gave her a tip that she would make a million if she would develop some sort of substance that would whiten crowns and caps.   Worth the  fade in info!)

I didn't get to the studio today but tomorrow looks promising after my eye appointment.  Sigh, I went fro 2 months of having nothing on the calendar to her where I've got things piled up four deep every day! 

I know this looks fake but it's NOT!!!
You might have missed it when I mentioned how amazing the sky was as we crossed over the GA/FL border the other day-  I've never seen layers of clouds like appeared and it entertained us all the way to about Melbourne, a couple of hours of amazement.  Well, Mary McBride posted this picture on Facebook of what was apparently right behind us that morning as the clouds started rolling and clashing!  By the time we hit Melbourne the sky was completely flat gray.  An hour later we had a black cloud right over us with sunny blue out at a distance, like a big black umbrella.  So dramatic.  The sky is one of the reasons I like Florida so much.  After living in New England all those years and being shaded by trees and hills everywhere I looked, this is quite spectacular just about every day.

Cari Vander Yacht animates old photographs she found in thrift stores located near her hometown in Portland, Oregon. For the Amsterdam-based art director’s side project,  (Thank God It’s Monday Graphic Interchange Format), she breathes humor and new life into photographs that have been abandoned. Vander Yacht says she stares at the photos until she finds herself giggling over her animation ideas; she then scans and digitally manipulates the images until they become the animation she envisions. 

Patrick Weder, a Swiss designer whose work is often explicit in its art/design dual-functionality. His stunning paper and wire Honeycomb Light Sculptures, for example, transcend the typical functions of interior lighting, exploring ideas related to material, form, and the enigmatic qualities of light. 

Artist Elsa Mora recently updated her portfolio with a number of beautiful paper sculptures created for both private clients and exhibition. All of Mora’s pieces are created with little more than acid-free paper and glue which is carefully cut, layered, and assembled to create 2D and 3D images.

And the highly anticipated (OK, maybe not by you...) Hungry Acrobatic Squirrel du Jour!

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Deanna said...

That sky is amazing. Love the paper art, especially Elsa Mora's.