Thursday, September 18, 2014

buffoon accelerometer effloresce

Be brave enough to live creatively. The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. (Alan Alda)

(Skip this next block of text if you don't want to hear me whine.)
or bark
Today was ridiculous.  I got the dogs walked and fed and the kitchen cleaned up (part of the deal to get rid of stuff so now it's all piled in the garage) when one of the landscape guys knocked (bark bark barkkkk) and told me not to take the dogs out for an hour because he just sprayed the lawn.  Fine.  Then one hour later he knocked (BARK BARK BARK) then rang the bell agai n (BARK BARK BARK) to tell me an hour had gone by.  Mind you this all wouldn't bother me much except that every time something happens Molly goes ballistic barking.  So then our contractor stopped by with the revised plans.  bark bark bark.  Then the landscapers started taking apart a huge bale of mulch for the yard-  had to be 6 guys so there was one visible in every window for the rest of the day.  bark bark bark bark bark bark.  Then the lady who sprays for bugs arrived and had to do her thing to keep the Palmettos out.  Here we go again:  bark bark bark bark bark.  She was so annoying that I locked her in the bedroom.  Then the mulch guys returned from their break, and the mail came (BARK BARK BARK)and  UPS arrived (BARK BARK BARK).  I would skin her if her hair was longer, so so annoying.  And I was so busy answering the door and answering questions that I never got to the studio.  Then the pool guy came, knock knock, because he thinks we have a leak in the pool.   BAARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK.  He is Jamaican, a nice guy with a long pole, but Molly really hates him, always raises a ruckus when he shows up because he has to go through the Dreaded Back Gate and for some reason that freaks her out.  He has to walk very close to a window-  I think that's it.

So at 6, I grabbed the dregs of the last wine opened, rolled up my pants and kicked off my shoes and sat like a Budda at the edge of the pool after all folks were out of here finally.  By evening the breeze changes direction and it's calm and lovely. Didn't have too much wine left.

Finally some selfies I can get my head around:  Fine art photographer Kylli Sparre (previously) has continued to create her dance-inspired photographs, almost all of which depict the artist herself in various dreamlike states and situations. Working with outdoor landscapes, and bodies of water or ice, Sparre fuses years of formal ballet training with these dramatic and performative photographs. The artist has a show in Amsterdam next month at Qlickeditions, and you can follow her work more on Facebook.

Long Johns ready to tie dye at Dharma  get 'em while they last.

Over the past weeks body painter Trina Merry has been filling the streets of New York with body painted models – but good luck finding them. Using her brush to seamlessly camouflage their body into the world behind, she’s been painting her mostly nude subjects in front of famous landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge, Guggenheim Museum, Empire State Building, Central Park and the New York City skyline.

shhhhh, bebe sleeping

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