Wednesday, September 17, 2014

youngster scrupulosity celebrate

Don't be a blueprint. Be an original. (Roy Acuff)

Started out by getting the OK on my shoulder healing from my ortho guy.  Good news, because the last thing I wanted to do was sign on for more rehab.  After that I ran errands and came home to a dog that isn't acting right-  he hasn't eaten all day and is very mopey.  I *think* he is missing his dad-  he follows him around like a three year old when he's in the house, then waits by the door when he's out.  Pitiful.  I've tried to keep him amused and busy but I'm just the fixture that knows where the food is.  Hope I can get him to eat tonight-  I made him some boiled chicken and broth.  Because I am a sap.  Tomorrow I'm looking at a whole day for the studio-  guess I'll have company if he's feeling pinky.

So folks, lets look at aht~~~  today's theme is animals!

Mexican artist Ricardo Solis illustrates animals being climbed over – and created – by Lilliputian figures. Gigantic zebras have their stripes airlifted onto their back by airship, flamingos have their color applied by paintball cannons, and pangolins have scales applied to number-assigned locations. In each image, the workers bring colorful reality to an incomplete chinese ink illustration

Created by artist Maico Akiba, these lumbering toy mammals, dinosaurs, and reptiles carry the burden of miniature worlds that seem to have sprouted from their backs. Akiba uses model making materials commonly used for train sets to build each scene which appear post-apocalyptic in nature. Johnny at Spoon & Tamago keenly observes that, in a way, they resemble a reverse Noah’s Ark.

OK, a bit over the top, but this is what I feel like today and I just couldn't 
find as expressive a squirrel!

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