Saturday, September 06, 2014

rena with headdress

“Creativity is not a talent. It is a way of operating.” John Cleese

Do you believe it?  I spent all those days away from blogging!  Now I am thinking that the blogging awards will come flying in from all those who have been clamoring for me to shut up for awhile!  But we got back, each in the one piece we started out with.  The house was all new and clean until I started unloading stuff that has no place to go!  I know that in time it will all find it's little place to BE but for now it's a mess.  I don't have any room left in my closet for instance-  I simply couldn't replace things to where they were when I took them out, so I decided that fully one third of the stuff I'm hanging on to has to go (mostly for the hangers!) so as I reorganized I also threw out things that annoy me when I wear them.  I didn't quite got to 1/3 of it all but I made a good dent.
Going through the mail was my other big job-  my replacement credit card arrived so I've got to get in and change all my automatic payments.  I've got to file the stuff that accumulated, and I have to find a place for a few of my oldie-but-goodie cookbooks I dragged back.  I don't know why I 'need' those, old habits I guess , because I basically use the net anytime I want to find a recipe anymore.  Today I've got to get get the proper cable from Apple to migrate the rest of my stuff to the new computer.  I've not yet been to the studio because I've been piling up stuff that needs to go.  I got my big Twins quilt-  the one with the middle-aged ladies- back from the FL show plus I have the new one that has to go out soon, AND I have to get back to work!  Lordy my fingers are itching from just knitting for two months-  you'd think I have a lot but one shawl and a few more hexagons are about it-  knitting in the car was too difficult and kinda made me woozy, but I managed a bit just to DO something!  
So that's about it or what is going on.  I was in such a frazzle yesterday until about 4 when my old friend, my Walking Nazi, called me up to tell me she was making Rob Roys so I was out of here in a flash.  

Today I am cleaning out the 'yarn things' folder, more pictures than usual, but all worthy of some attention-  whittling them down just wasn't possible!

First, it seems that knitted slipcovers are the 'in' thing-  these LOOK great but I would think sitting in them for prolonged times would be kind of uncomfortable-  I'm imagining all those bobbles indented in my backside...

 Ruth Marshall‘s unique fiber work! She elevates knitting to a higher level. I have never seen anything like what she does. It is not only what you see, but the research that goes behind the  animal that she chooses to work with. Each piece tells a story.
After years of working at the Bronx Zoo in a studio just a few feet behind the Snow Leopard exhibit, Marshall hand knit the pelt of IVY – one of the majestic and vocal felines who happened to be her neighbor.  IVY was the first Big Cat Marshall knitted.

Olek, yarn bomber (see picture above!) extraordinaire, is at it again. But this time the New York-based artist is taking her work into the depths. She recently traveled to the Caribbean for a series of underwater installations off the coast Cancun, Mexico, at Isla Mujeres. Olek was inspired by a quote from Jason DeCaires Taylor, the original sculptor for pieces at the museum, where he likened the oceans’ health to a ticking time bomb. In a symbolic gesture, she put biodegradable yarn over his series of bomb sculptures in what is possible the worlds first bomb yarn bombing.

Just to keep with the theme today, KNITTED SQUIRRELS!

(All these are knitted by Natasha Fadeeva except the bib below)

And, there I go-  as soon as the coffee is done I am off to the studio, keep your fingers crossed I don't have another room full of daddy-long-leg spiders to do battle with like last time I left for this long!

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Glad you're back!
Sue, Mendocino