Wednesday, September 24, 2014

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"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." (Isaac Newton)

Hola, compadres!  I've been out of the mix for a few days, I know I know-  thanks for checking to see what's up-  I appreciate it.  In short, a real estate agent called with a customer because he heard we were selling and he wondered if he could show the house even though it wasn't listed yet.  I said 'no' but TY said 'yes' so I called him back and we made an appointment for a day ahead and I immediately hid the 30# bag of dogfood in the dryer, grabbed a rod full of clothes and hid them in my car, and a whole bunch of crud went under the bed.  Tunes out the people who were looking had left that morning on their jet plane, so only three real estate guys showed up.  They "loved it", it "is perfect", and they took a hundred cell phone pictures to send to the clients on the friggin' plane.  So now I am waiting to find out when the woman can return to see her 'perfect' house.  And I need to stash stuff in all my secret places again.

So then I have a conversation with TY as to what the hell we are gonna do for the next year IF the woman buys this house now-  rentals are, aha; we say, DIFFICULT, with two dogs, and it will involve a huge expense to rent plus store our stuff for the year ahead while the house is being built.  MEANWHILE TODAY I AM ENJOYING A VERY CLEAN AND PICKED UP HOUSE.


sigh.  Trouble is I still have it, it's just hidden.  Tonight I opened the microwave and found a Tupperware tub of crispy kale I made the other day.  Yum, but I had no idea it was there.  Time for Aht?  I think so---

Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, known for his large scale installations of animal characters, recently unveiled his latest work. Located at the Dayuan Town Naval Base in Taiwan, “Moon Rabbit” is an enormous yet adorable bunny that’s propped up against a grassy military bunker gazing up at the moon. To create the large-scale work, which is based on the East Asian folklore about a rabbit that lives on the moon, Hofman first created a wood and Styrofoam frame. And to achieve the fluffiness but also keep it weather-resistant the artist used over 12,000 sheets of Tyvek paper, a material normally reserved for home builders. 

Another GIF

Photographer Leila Jeffreys-  As a child, Jeffreys was taught by her father to rescue and nurse birds back to health, an experience that resulted in a deep understanding of wildlife that is immediately apparent when viewing her spectacular portraits of birds. Her affectionate photographs of owls, eagles, cockatiels and budgies seem to capture the essence of each animal’s personality, portraying many of them with surprisingly human characteristics.

Not Quilt Squirrel Time---

 LOVE these-  porcelain cup handles made with animal tails for handles.  Here, of course, is the squirrel-tail.  Do ya thick maybe I should start a Kickstarter campaign to supply me with 12 of these?  There is also a fox and a bunny.  

Today I picked up my new computer FINALLY.  I tried twice to get cables to migrate my info from one to the other, but nobody had a converter.  Finally I found one yesterday in Staples, but they don't have the right cable to attach to the other end.  So I hauled both computers into the (certified) Apple fix-it shop next door and for a ridiculous fee had a kid who's ACTUAL last name is Appleman migrate it for me.  Not only did it d=save me An additional $45 for cables and adaptors I will never have another use for, it was a guaranteed process.  Since I have tried to migrate over two different networks and reached my highest level of angst doing it, hauled either both or either one of these from pillar to post looking for both cables to try the different method, this THIRD method was the same price as the Apple store plus there weren't 200 people in the shop clamoring for the new iPhone.  I forked it over, he did it AND called me when it was done as he promised.   geesh, all this for a silly simple process.  But I'm back in business.  Blogs to follow.  Stay with me.  

Oh lordy, now I have to go mess up the kitchen making dinner.  

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