Saturday, September 27, 2014

antiphonal pandanus diddle

 "Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse 
will happen to you the rest of the day."  Mark Twain 

I've been AWOL, sorry.  I managed to get to the studio yesterday with the original studio helper who slept under my feet all day so every time I moved she either got her tail pulled out by the chair or stepped on by my feet.  I kept eying to redirect her snooze to a place not in step range but she would have none of it-  she PREFERS to sleep on cement or stone, won't get in a comfy chair or even the flat weave rug.  She does this because of some abandonment issue she must have, figures that if she is right there un defrost I can't get away and forget she's there.  So she won't miss a meal.

But I did manage to get some lines sewn on the land(Es)cape piece but frankly it's getting tedious.  So many miles to go!  And the jury is still out as to whether it's gonna be worth the effort.  Sigh.

Still no movement on the new house, still being permitted and we don't have any time frame for building to start.  Also, they people interested in this place haven't come back down to FL yet so my messes are building up again,  I live in fear I'll get a call some morning and they will be in town for one afternoon to see it!  Today I'm loading another plastic bin with shoes and bags I won't need for a long time, then taking them over to the studio.  Perhaps by the time we actually get them to a new closet I'll not want to keep them and can take the whole bin to charity?  Maybe.
Meanwhile today I am picking out online toilets and faucets to write down and go visit somewhere in person.  Such a riot of fun.  Not.  

Remember the paper chain made from a vintage calligraphy book I showed you the other day?  Well, I have cut up two more books and have one chain ready to go but I am holding off connecting it so it can travel to Boston-  it's all New England food stuff from the old Time Life World of Food series from the 60's-  the woman up in VT that made the calligraphy chain gave it and the Latin America book to me so I spent yesterday cutting the strips from the full page photos, then cutting them into 4" strips.  I did join the Latin American ones, calling it 'FIESTA', and will save it for any Latino parties I might feel like decorating for.  Hey-  I make enchiladas every once in awhile, and a mean pork roast with orange juice and garlic.  That alone deserves a paper chain! And these are well over 12' long, so formidable.  I suggest you cutting up your books too.

The second chain I will take up to Thanksgiving dinner-  the kids might want to help me put it together, assuming we can figure out a way for them to deal with double sided tape.

 Here is the last of this series:  Kim Burke’s miniature food sculptures are so realistic you’ll want to eat them in one bite. Inspired by the photorealist movement, Burke creates flawless dollhouse-scale meals from actual photographs, positioned at various angles for maximum accuracy. Each plate of food, so small as to be balanced on a human fingertip, is carefully rendered from clay using needles, razor blades, and a rock for texture. Chalk pastels add color. For cake frosting, Burke uses Translucent Liquid Sculpey mixed with solid clay. The artist’s company, Fairchild Art, offers a range of plates, from sweet to savory dishes, each at a 1:12 scale.

And another one of the funny gifs made from found photographs

German artist Evelyn Bracklow of La Philie has created an entire new collection of ant-covered porcelain dishes and tableware since we first shared her work here early this year. Many of the new pieces are part of a unique partnership between the artist, Rijks Museum in the Netherlands, and Etsy. The pieces are hand-painted in Bracklow’s studio, signed, numbered and fired to 160 degrees. As unsettling as having insects permanently invading your dinnerware is, I can’t help but be enchanted by how perfectly crafted they are.   I know, I have shown her work before but I simply love it-  would get the sugar and creamer if I could and just leave it out on the table to freak folks out.  Of course the painted ants would have competition from the LIVE ants I battle continually...

Surpriced little chipmunk guy caught with concealed contraband!

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mary beth frezon said...

**Perhaps by the time we actually get them to a new closet I'll not want to keep them and can take the whole bin to charity? Maybe.**

Ziptie that sucker shut and tag it with a date. If you don't go into it at all before you move, ship it off without a further thought