Monday, September 15, 2014

taxonomic concomitant manifest

Building a professional relationship on respect as opposed to affection is a very good idea.  Running your art projects the way you'd run a dry-cleaning business is also a really good idea.  You shouldn't go into work like you're going on a date, like you're hanging out with friends.
Penn Jillette

One reason you need a good font and a good editor.

Had to go get blood work this morning and for the first time I had a woman who found my vein immediately-  in fact I didn't even realize she had filled a whole vial!  A few vials later I was able to leave like a drunk, bashing into walls.  But that's done for the next 6 months.  Tomorrow I get to go for my 6 month shoulder check-  hope everything is as OK as I think it is.  At least I can knit.  And move furniture.  

And today we signed the contract on the new house we're building!  Finally!  Of course that means I have a heap of work to do here to get it ready to put on the market asap.  So I'll always put a house picture where I'm whining about the build project and you can just skip right over it.  Because really, who cares?  So I start tomorrow hauling stuff to the studio to hide for the next year until it has a new home to move into.  Trouble there is that I have pretty much filled the studio with my art shit, so there isn't as much room as I really need to store stuff.  And that's where the moving furniture part comes in-  gotta start shifting stuff around and putting it near the big garage door so all I have to do is open it up for the truck when the time comes.  

But for now it's back to seeing some cool arty stuff.  I am slowing getting the files cleared out and gutting ready to start a new batch-  very exciting to start collecting things again!

Painted animal portraits-  look closely because they are painted on hands!

I found these sculptures a while ago and absolutely fell in love.  I love the juxtaposition of the rough natural wood against the geometric painting.  I love the subtle colors.  I want to touch them all!  

Jason Middlebrook’s wooden-plank paintings, inscribing nature with the abstract patterns it inspires, in an act of closeness akin to tracing, gilding, gifting. Stele-scale cuts primarily of maple, walnut, redwood, and elm, the fifteen works have long, lean edges that are sometimes smooth, sometimes craggy or crusted with bark. Framed by, and occasionally wrapping, those edges, handsome lines or angular shapes traverse the fissures, streaks, and tawny eddies within the sanded, waxed surfaces.  

Squirrel Fast Food

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