Sunday, September 14, 2014

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pretty good advice for whatever you need advice for!

Perseverance is failing nineteen times and succeeding the twentieth. (Julie Andrews)

There is this traditional Armenian 'pizza' called lahmajun that is quite delicious,very garlicky and spicy.  The meat kind has pounded lamb with spices and garlic on very thin soft crust.  There is also a vegetarian version, equally spicy I hear but I am always busy working my way through the meat lahmajun!  (There's a recipe HERE if you are so inclined and don't live near an Armenian or Turkish community!  My MIL will be turning in her grave that I mentioned it just may also be of Turkish origins.)  ANYway, my little grandson is trying out new foods daily and my SIL gave his mom some lahmajun the other day so she pulled off a few tiny pieces-

We don't think it's a hit.  Good thing-  Ill eat his.

I know, I know, he sure doesn't LOOK Armenian.  This generation is down to 1/8th.

Did I show you the busted mirror I got the other day?  I can't imagine how much bad luck this will bring-  still trying to figure out of its broken NOT in my possession even though it's being sent to me, if I am the recipient of all the luck-thing.  I choose not to accept it.  
Wish I had a use for broken mirror.  I'll keep the frame.

Speaking of mirrors, these guys sure need one-  taken from an odd hairdo site, What were they thinking???

No further comment needed.

And the squirrel looks like me this late Sunday night, flattened and fattened.  Tomorrow is a big day, things to do hither and yon, so I best take my catalog and go to bed for now.

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