Friday, October 03, 2014

admiral brush stoke

“The words you speak become the house you live in.”- Hafiz

Finally got my car back and it has a new battery.  But the weird thing was that the service guy was able to check and tell me when I drove and how far!  He KNEW I had been gone for 55 days while I was back in Boston.  nd he sold me a battery charger that I have to plug in to jumper cables if Im not using the car for long period of time.  I feel like I'm being stalked....  He also told me that if I just go out and open the door to the car that the computer activates for 3 hours.  And that sure would explain my battery problems.  Don't know how I'm gonna do that-  there happens to be a plug in my garage BUT my car won't fit in.  Guess I have to get a very long extension cord and wind it under the garage door if I leave town again.  as if.

Had another showing today of the house-  that makes two and we haven't even put it on the market yet.  Sure hope that it sells because I cannot live neatly!  Spent another hour or two this morning making it clean and tidy, which of course lasts about two seconds when the dogs and TY come back inside.  

I'm going to get to go to the ICA show on fibers 1960-Present while I'm in Boston!  Can't wait to see those iconic fiber artists finally, people I have followed since the early 60's when I started weaving and being aware of them.  

So, let's go see what I found today!

All art can stop being made because this is it. This is the best. Photographer Sandro Miller and John Malkovich teamed up to recreate famous portraits from history in their photo series Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich: Homage to Photographic Masters and it's absolutely perfect. And hilarious. And the best.
You'll recognize so many of these famous pictures but instead of seeing what you're used to or spotting the familiar face, you'll see John Malkovich's pose and mug in them instead. Goodbye Einstein and Marilyn, hello Malkovich and John.

 Baby photography is one of those things that has quickly turned into a gigantic cliché. Do a little snuggle, snap some picture of tiny feet, wrap them in a blanket – don’t forget the soft lighting. That’s why this series by photographer Jamie Clauss is so awesome. She and her next door neighbors Jan and Chase Renegar were having a boring day, so to liven things up they created a newborn photo shoot using their Jack Russell terrier. Her name? Snuggles.

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