Wednesday, October 01, 2014

accomplish clothe leighton

Feed the body food and drink, it will survive today. Feed the soul art and music, it will live forever. 
(Julie Andrews-as Catherine in One Special Night...)

Yesterday I went to the car dealership and they bought me lunch and gave me a loaner, thank yew very much!  No telling how long I will have this little tin box, but it won't be something I get attached to any time soon.  My man Ralph at the dealership said he'd call me today with what's wrong with my car but I didn't hear a word.  I spent the day at the studio doing important things like throwing out papers and moving big plastic tubs around to make more room.  I also made three potholders because I have hated my potholders for way too long.  I picked three black and white prints and another cotton with a newspaper illustration print for the binding.  I had a nice thick hand towel I cut into three pieces and layered, but decided to also add a layer of batting before I sewed.  As usual, since I haven't sewn in a very long time I had to reinvent the wheel, deal with three broken needles, and wind dreaded bobbins.  whatever, I finished them off and brought them home to put in the drawer.  The fallout from doing this was about a 1/2" of towel fluff all over me and the floor of the studio.  I still haven't worked up enough energy to vacuum.  Must do that.  I pinned all my loose and laying-about quilts to one wall, willy nilly and on top and overlapping each other and kinda like the effect.  No pictures of that but look it who thinks he's a big guy now:
The Insurmountable Doorknob, standing in the way of his own Great Escape.

Before I forget, and I know you SO worried about this-  the pool filled all day today. the drain held from the rain last night and we turned on the hose first thing this morning-  it was full by late afternoon JUST IN TIME for the rains to take it right over the top lip.  The killer thing is that yesterday my next door neighbors were draining their pool too  (they aren't back yet and I don't know what's wrong) but dammit, that hose could have come right over into our pool and drained theirs as it filled ours and saved a whole pool worth of water!  Didn't think of this until all systems were already underway-  duh...

Stephen Butler is an artist based in NottinghamUK. I love the work that he does with bits of elements found in nature. Please visit his portfolio to see more of his work.

Our Lady of the Gif is back at it

 About 3 months ago photographer Dan Tobin Smith set up a website to ask the public to donate kipple: junk that was lying around their house. “It’s time to free yourself of the pointless or unused objects in your life,” read the plea. “Give them a purpose as part of Dan Tobin Smith’s installation for the London Design Festival 2014.”
Sure enough, the donations began coming in and in no time at all Smith had enough junk on his hands to create a sprawling installation that filled an entire floor and mezzanine, “carpeting 200-square-metres with a dense, precise, chromatically-themed arrangement of thousands of objects.” The objects are so carefully placed that gradients seem to blend together seamlessly.

Squirrel Cookies!  I think I will make me a batch tomorrow with my dog bone recipe-  this will be the ONLY way my dogs will ever get the critters they so desire.

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