Sunday, October 26, 2014

bath bootstrapped lunar

Burroughs Jack o' Lantern- really invites you right up to the porch, doesn't it?

I went back to the studio this morning holding my ethernet cable in my hand, plugged it in and waited...and waited...and waited.  Started and restarted the new modem, and then fiddled away on the monitor trying to get my internet to work.  I did get it sporadically and was finally able to access NPR, but it cut out and wasn't registering a full signal.  I guess I'll call Comcast back tomorrow and wait for them for a couple more days. I hate being in the studio without my internet, OK, I'm spoiled.  And I also miss my printer and need the internet to do that too.  
I was able to finish spraying two more baskets bright silver, and leave them in the sun to dry.  Also finished appliquéing the second lobster on my blouse and have decided to resume the hunt for good clam fabric- has to be littlenecks, and shiny black/purple mussel fabric.  I hope to get that underway tomorrow, one more big lobster to go!  

I brought my shiny baskets home and substituted them for the old basket-colored baskets in my closet-  one holds socks, one holds small purses, and so on.  The good part of the day was that I managed to toss a bunch of stuff I wasn't using or never will use.  Kay would be so proud of me-  now just to haul it off to Goodwill and get it out of here.  I also went through both linen closets and eliminated orphan washcloths and other stuff, reorganized little bottles and boxes into the old baskets-  Moving this 'stuff' will be very easy in baskets.  

Things are a little grimm out there in the inner-tubes tonight, a little marginal art for your pleasure.  So, let's explore bowling balls!  Yup, spooky Halloween bowling balls-


Hail Hail, the gang's all here.   Given the spooky time of year, I was thinking about the beautifully designed zombie head  13th Street bowling balls by illustrator Oliver Paass for ad agency Jung von Matt 2011 TV promotion for German Horror Channel 13th Street. This got me wondering about frightening-looking bowling balls and which, if any, were available to buy.

And sure enough here's a sampling of what's available, all from Brunswick~  Bet the Bog Lebowski and Dude would have loved these.

And we're back to squirrels today, I have a few more to share, actually enough for 10 more years of blogging!
Camp Squirrel, but it's a to scary he can start fires, isn't it? Kind of evens the playing field.

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