Friday, October 24, 2014

desperate days went

"And one more thing..." (Steve Jobs)

Finally broke down and bought a copy of Consumer Reports, not a bad idea with all the appliances in my future, however I already disagree with a few of their hot recommendations!  I could join by the month for an online access so did that, not have to remember to quit after I check on every imaginable thing I can think of!  
Whatcha think?  Over the top?  Too much?  Never for resale?  I know, I know, and don't forget I am not usually a fan of purple but this knocks me over!   All morning as I was getting ready for some old friends coming to dinner tonight I was thinking that I wonder how the purple stove will feel...  Stop me!
OR I can get one that matches my car!  The mind boggles.

Tomorrow AM I have to be in the studio waiting for Comcast and fortunately also the fire inspector-  I have to get there early to move the bookcases in front of the electrical box that he yelled at me for last time.  Fortunately they are on wheels, but he makes threats like the firemen will have to just knock this bookcase over to get to the electric box!  I say, well, that's dumb since it's on wheels and they could easily move it.  he says nope, they are in a hurry to put out the fire in the box so they will just knock it over.  Huh?  Then they will have to CLIMB over it all, with all the junk on the floor.  He insists it has to be clear to get to the box, I agree and put the shelf back when he leaves because that's the corner where the spiders live and it's all I can do to occasionally grab my vacuum!  No way is it gonna be 'clear'.

Now it's tomorrow from yesterday-  sorry I missed a day, but with people over for dinner and that mess to clean up, then my 7:30 departure for the studio this morning, there just wasn't time.  So here's how the day went-
Fire inspector due in the AM too, so I moved the bookcase out of place to free up access to the electric panel.  (He yelled at me last visit.)  Made sure the fire extinguisher was out and reachable.

Cleaned the toilet.

Kicked the computer because there was no radio!  Still no internet, and the guy was supposed to be there between 8-10.  By 11 he was a no-show so I called Comcast to swear at them but got Rich and he was very calming to my raw nerve.

Worked a bit on a blouse to wear to a 'Coastal' theme party in a few weeks.  Naturally I picked the New England coast.  And no, it's not a costume party but I have wanted to make an outfit to eat lobster since I saw Marcia Gay Harden wear a jeweled lobster dress in the Pollock movie.  No jewels here, just lobsters cut off a dishcloth and appliqued onto a damask tablecloth with some mussels and some littlenecks.  

Worked a bit on the ATCs due in December, hard to make them all different without having distinct favorites-  decided to make them all red, maybe some sewing soon on these.

Made coffee, drank it.  Made chia tea and drank it.  

Ate lunch, beef jerky and a few grapes, no carbs, yea.

Took stuff out of baskets and put it all into shoe boxes by category.  Gels, extenders, gesso, digital grounds. and even some fabric paint.

Grabbed six baskets and painted them all silver out in the driveway, away from the building.  I used 2 full cans of paint and have a few more baskets to go.  The last can wasn't the same color silver, more dull gray.  These are shiny like aluminum!  Saw some silver baskets a few weeks ago in TJ's and decided to 'upgrade' old studio baskets with paint I already had.  Two coats, took a long time because it was very windy

Rearranged and cleaned out the stretched canvas shelves and the encaustic board shelves, took down the towering mess of boxes that had found their way to the top of the shelves and kept falling off.

And finally I spent a little time admiring my new side table I found on sale yesterday after I got my hairs cut.  This might go next to my new bathtub.

Speaking of that project, HERE'S MY NEW DRIVEWAY!  Yeah, we have to work around the stupid electrical box.  They scraped the ground yesterday and today they brought in tons of gravel.  Actually it's just a pad to go under a driveway but a place to stick the dumpster meanwhile.  It's really happening!  There actually WILL be a bathtub with a cute horse hoof stool.  This afternoon TY and I drove down to pick out the flooring and we're in sticker shock. Actually we picked out a beautiful wood with enough variation to not be boring, the dark stain I wanted, the texture TY wanted.  But we haven't signed in stone- still need a few more investigative trips.

I guess I left you hanging about my internet-  I called the guy at 10 and he was on an 'install', he showed up at 11:30 and fiddled and fiddled to install the new modem.  Unfortunately in this operation he knocked out my router so I now have to go buy a new one and install that myself.  Possibly he knocked out my router and I need a new modem?  Oh, whatevah, I'm on it and will go find one as soon as I get my shine silver paint tomorrow.  I sure hope you don't think I'm gonna show you art now, eh?  Oh rats, how about one:

In ‘Postcards From Google Earth’, Brooklyn-based artist Clement Valla collects images of distorted bridges found on the virtual map. The bridges are shown dipping into the rivers, canyons, and roads they supposedly cross over.
Though most of us might attribute these funny scenes to a glitch in the system, Valla says the program is just doing what it’s told to do, that is to show us the depth and edges of places.

OK, how about this one-  will you go strip your Japanese maple to fry it up tempura style? 

The Japanese love their autumns so much they’ve found a way to eat them – in the form of maple leaves fried tempura style. The snack is considered to be a must-try delicacy for visitors to Osaka, where it is fried in sizzling vegetable oil with lightly sweetened maple batter. The recipe gets even more demanding in the city of Minoh in North Osaka, where the leaves are preserved for an entire year in salt barrels before they are cooked and served.

Ossian Brown's photo of Halloween kids  Remember when we actually MADE our costumes?
Please excuse me from a squirrel picture today, Halloween takes precedence these days.

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Sandy said...

Hope you get some help with your computer soon.
Not sure you noticed, (or it may just be my computer) but I think part of your blog post is posted twice.

I think you need to take photos of all these bits you are buying and do a mock up of your house to see what goes where and if it matches. It will keep you from getting purple cookers to go next to orange something else. Or whatever!
Sandy over here.