Sunday, October 05, 2014

chagrin chuckwalla rookie

You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. (Alan Alda)

About to hit the wall here-  I left the house at 5:30 this morning and got to Boston without incident. I had the JetBlue blue potato chips for breakfast.  Messed around in the condo picking stuff up and putting things away, and then Lisa picked me up to go to the ICA to see the Fiber show-  Yeaaaa!  
 ICA view over the old Pier 4 restaurant-  it is quite an eyesore, looks like it is being demolished, and deservedly so.  It used to be the best restaurant in the city.
 Looking across the harbor in the opposite direction.  In between the two views were lots of little sailboats poking around on a beautiful day.
A Sheila Hicks piece of bundled and wrapped fiber
Both of us were lost in the 'New Boston' and turned around a couple of times trying to find it but6 we prevailed.  As soon as we got in we found an old friend from Wellesley there docenting-  this is a woman who had a son in my son's first playgroup-  THIRTY FIVE YEARS AGO, when they were both two.  She had to run off to do a private tour but we got quite a bit of territory covered in that short time.
But, about the show-  it was certainly very interesting, and certainly very dated!  Much of this work was done in the 60's and were the icons of the fiber world at the time-  it was so great seeing these works again-  being in the weaving world before starting to quilt, the construction and applications were familiar and interesting to me.  There were two rooms, it wasn't difficult to spend time with each piece.  
And then we hit the gift shop-  I truly have never seen a better book shop anywhere-  it was loaded with fiber reference books, books by fiber artists, books about fiber art, and every imaginable permutation!  I didn't buy anything because I was so overwhelmed.  I need to get back there for Christmas presents, and of course to see what appears next on exhibit.  Nice afternoon, and just in time to talk to the crit group about it-  several of them were able to get to Sheila Hick's talk at the opening.

So today, I'm going to scour the inner tubes for weaving and fiber arts- let's see what's out there!

So, I found tapestry weavers today, only one small aspect of the work!  

Contemporary Tapestry Weaving is an artist-owned studio, specializing in hand-weaving tapestries that are designed and woven by tapestry artist Ulrika Leander. These mural-size tapestries have been commissioned for permanent collections in corporate and public buildings, health care facilities, hospitality settings, churches and private homes in the US and in Europe. Beginning with the creation of a water-color design and continuing through the process of hand-weaving on a high-warp loom, each tapestry is a unique creation using a time intensive traditional technique in which each thread is meticulously put in place by hand.

Sue Pretty

Katie Hickey

Priscilla Alden

And that brings us to the Daily Squirrel, are you ready?
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