Wednesday, October 22, 2014

classmates aware assimilable

  Lao Tzu– “At the center of your being you have the answer; 
you know who you are and you know what you want.”

Yesterday in driving rain, I got myself up to my pod meeting, the second one I've attended.  I am not thinking this is for me-  they are doing little cooperative projects, ATCs due in December-  I'll take part and try it again, but I don't need hand holding, I need some good kicks in the pants and someone to be responsible to for getting there to do my part.  I want serious crit, I need straight talk, I need feedback, and I don't need to be the one who knows it all.  And also I want to meet like minded souls but these nice women are mostly beginners and still taking classes trying to find their voices.  In short, it's appearing just like a guild with the block-of-the-month projects, assignments I neither have the inclination nor the time to do this kind of stuff.  And a guilt trip if you don't 'participate'.  I want my old crit group!
(Here's to keeping the Crazy on the INSIDE)

Anyway, it was a deluge of rain when I left and it was slow going down Route 1 to home-  I found out this morning that we had 9 (NINE!) inches of rain yesterday.  No wonder I got a hot foot running to the car!

Today I had to be at the studio to wait for Comcast because Sandy Got No Internets there for a week or more.  My appointment was from 1 to 5 so I was there at noon working and waiting.  No internet guy by 4:30 so I called back to the Mother Ship and they told me he was here at 1:11.  Bullshit, I was there the whole time, lights on and door not locked.  And I don't even have a radio so no way did I miss him at the door.  The Home Ship had the right address and my phone number-  why didn't the Guy?  So they rescheduled for Friday because *I* missed the appointment!  I was spitting' all the way home, because they say he will be there at 8 sharp.  Means I have to get there at 7:30 and probably sit outside on my car watching for him.  (Truth be told, there are 5 buildings in my Industrial Park.  Each one of them has a different street address, but all 5 have offices numbered from 100 to 1200.  I think he probably went to the wrong building. 
Bless His Heart.
and I mean that only in the Southern way.

But I have a treat in store, Bunnies!  Wait till you see these 'taxidermy' animals!

  Lucky are those that own a piece of sculpture by Frédérique Morrel. Her one of kind tapestry covered animals, skulls, and furniture pieces and are highly sought after. I discovered her work in the latest issue of Hi Fructose magazine, where you can read about Morrel and her enchanting fanciful beasts. 
Morrel and her husband creatively take fiberglass taxidermy molds which are later injected with expanding foam, to covering the form. She begins each work with fiberglass molds injected with expanding foam and then reinforces them with steel rods. Then the vintage tapestries are applied by hand to the form.

They then cover these forms with vintage tapestries and embroideries she collects. They use tapestries to convey a narrative through the use of tradition, erotic  and kitschy pieces they find in flea markets and antique shows. Morrel also uses real antlers, teeth, feathers and fur. She makes a point to reiterate she uses all found materials; no animals are hurt for these creations. 

 If there is, indeed, nothing lovelier than a tree, Connecticut-based artist Bryan Nash Gill shows us why. Creating large-scale relief prints from the cross sections of trees, the artist reveals the sublime power locked inside their arboreal rings. Gill creates patterns not only of great beauty but also year-by-year records of the life and times of fallen or damaged logs. He rescues the wood from the property surrounding his studio and neighboring land, extracts and prepares blocks of various species (including ash, maple, oak, spruce, and willow), then makes prints by carefully following and pressing the contours of rings and ridges until the intricate designs transfer from tree to paper. The results are colored, nuanced shapes—mesmerizing impressions of the structural integrity hidden inside each tree.Bryan Nash Gill - About Bryan

Finally!  I found my new 'Twins' quilt in the series.  Trouble is it kind of looks like the bottom squirrel is wearing the pelt of the upper squirrel as a headdress.  Hmmm.  Maybe I could make him a little tapestry pelt like Frederique above.  I'd have to use 
petit point

Oh sometimes I kill myself.

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Sandy said...

Well, you know you have to do a squirrel quilt. after the albino alligator, you must do a squirrel.
Sandy over here