Friday, October 10, 2014

myers sharp exudation

Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made.”
~ Otto von Bismarck, b. 1 April 1815

HORRORS:  Previous attempts to learn something new may have led to frustration. Now it's time to give it another shot, whether your education is experiential or academic. Travel is still on your agenda, either in the physical realms or within your mind. However, you can benefit from applying your big ideas toward more sensible career goals. Integrate your desires with a dash of practicality and you can't go wrong.
Finally some good news!  I was looking through the Armory Art offerings for this season and was waffling between a drawing class and painting class, both sound super interesting and will give some structure to my week, which is a good thing since I always do more work when I have less time.  I am thinking the Drawing Without Boundaries is the one-  looks like lots of freedom and experimentation and it doesn't say so, but I know it's there: A KICK IN THE PANTS.  I'll call this morning.

Thanks for the feedback on the rocks I sent along yesterday!  I am feeling energized in blogdom too now that I have to buckle down.  Today I found some really interesting things on some European blogs, always an interesting stash of stuff when I stumble upon it!  Today is some terrific imaginative work:

Annalisa Bollini, Beautiful collage-illustrations, those by Annalisa Bollini, born in Italy, in Turin, in 1984.Rich of patterns, textures, clippings, details, material effects and applications, sometime with a "childish" style, sometime refined and more adult, always however full of magic.

Stéphane Dauthuille is a very sensitive artist, born in 1965, who lives and works in the region of Brittany in France. His delicate paintings and drawings, his works in mixed technique with gouache, pastels and wax, talk about dream worlds with women-girls. His women, almost ballerinas, almost angels, always tender and elegant, they dress and are immersed in patterns and decorations  barely hinted yet clear.

good advice-  always keep one foot on the ground and run like hell

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