Sunday, October 12, 2014

hydrolysis crawlspace eosine

(it's worked for me for all these years---   shhhh!)

A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know. (Diane Arbus)

I stuck this tidbit up on Facebook last night and got a few comments, not nearly what I thought I would-  but...  The other day at the vet I grabbed the top postcard advertising a dog fest over at the park by the beach.  They were having a dog-washing tent, costume contest, some agility demonstrations, live music, and (are ya listening?) a dog psychic.  Well even thought I am far into the Skeptic Life, there are some things I really really wish I could believe in so I casually mentioned it to TY and he 'jumped in it' too- it was done-  we would take Pepper to the Psychic to see if she could tell us anything about him that would help us understand his very strange ways-  adorable, but strange.  We don't know if he was simply 'born that way' or lived with an old Cuban guy in a dark sixth floor Miami apartment and never got out or fed.  He sort of has a victim mentality but is very good natured.

Anyway, away we went in the 90 degree blasting sun to get over to the beach where we found a huge traffic jam jostling around for parking.  Pedestrians were everywhere pushing baby carriages and dragging happy doggies.  And the tents were lined up for a mile!  It looked just like the outdoor craft show circuit that starts in a month or so, almost overwhelming in scale.  And damn hot.

Good news is that they had TWO beer tents for rehydration purposes.

One of Pepper's weird things is he short-circuits very easily whenever there is too much happening around him-  he hyperventilates and tried to get back to the car or under a table, anything but coping.  So we hiked along with him diving under any table in any booth, coaxing him out and on to the next booth.  He would suddenly veer off to the right if he saw a patch of shade in the grass, lie in it until his own body heat raised the temperature of the dirt, then move over a foot to the next cooler place.  But we would pass baby pools everywhere, nice cool water to drink or walk through but no way-  under the next table he would dive.  Both my dogs HATE water!  Finally we reached the psychic and she laid hands on him, after we coaxed him from under a chair, said she wasn't 'getting anything'.  She persisted in a massage which he seemed to enjoy, then said he was holding back his 'emotions', he was very sensitive but guarded.  She asked a few questions about his age, etc., most of which we couldn't answer. Then she had a vision, described THIS 
as the image he kept sending her.
As we say in the mom biz, WTF???

(DAMMMMMIT-  I see to me missing the L most of the time!  Just use your imagination to fill it in where needed.)

She went on to deal with Molly who apparently likes to be tucked in bed (as if!) and have her paws held (huh?) Oh well, there was lots of free swag at every table, the dogs had fun seeing other dogs-  thousands of them! and we tried the only way we thought we had left to reach the little gray guy.  And I can now return to happily being a Full Fledged Skeptic again.

Time to turn to art-
The other day I showed you some of these amazing sewing machine embroideries by Meredith Woolnough, but because there were so many to choose from, all simply wonderful, I have more today:

Meredith Woolnough is an extraordinary artist who lives and works in Newcastle, Australia. 
Her elegant works are made with embroidery thread, knotted in order to capture the beauty and fragility of nature. Her patient work explores the sculptural possibilities of a particular technique, based on the use of a sewing machine over a fabric that dissolves in water. The beautiful, intricate and dense structures obtained by Meredith create wonderful textures and surfaces, which are then suspended in space or fixed on panels. 

So, in looking at more of these on the tubes and winnowing it down to a manageable group, I found these:

Thread work is in Lisa Kokin's blood. Her parents were upholsterers, and she uses the techniques of sewing and book arts to create detailed, thoughtful work that often transforms found objects and words.   Go to her site-  she is multi-talented!

And that brings us to the squirrel of the afternoon, doesn't it?  But today, instead, I have a bunny to end all bunnies:
I don't know for sure but I would bet there is poop the size of ping pong balls in that room.  
Let's just call it bunny experience.


Deanna said...

Love the threadwork. And thanks for the sheltie!! Still miss that Rosie dog.

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Sandy, I read your blog every week and just love your posts. Love.
I want to tag you as my fave blogger to continue the around the world blog hop. Are you with me? I can't find your email to contact you privately so I'm hoping you contact me with a yea or nay. Thanks girl
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