Monday, October 13, 2014

ticket tire begotten

"What one does is what counts," said Picasso, 
"not what one had the intention of doing."

Today in the studio, believe it or not!  I stopped at Home Depot to buy some more wood for slats to hang quilts-  I have lots in a big pot here, but they are drilled on the ends and the wood is so brittle that I can't put the screw eyes in that are required for the show in Key Biscayne.  So, I wanted to get a jump on it since a perfect box happened into my life.  I cut one board at Home Depot, brought the other 8' back and also got a lighter weight trim piece for smaller pieces. And of course the right size screw eyes.  So I spent a bit of time fixing up the board, even tying in the screw eyes with a bit of embroidery thread so it won't slide out when they open the box.  OCD are Us, apparently.  But it's done, it's wrapped, it's in the box but I won't seal it up just yet.

The thing is-  the opening is right during Art Basel Miami!  Yes folks, this is the closest I may ever get but we have a friend who is lending us his condo for that weekend so I can see Art Basel and then on Sunday hit Key Biscayne for MY opening!  This show is traveling around a bunch of National Parks-  next to Glacier, then to Cuyahoga Velley in Cleveland, then Lowell, and on to the Statue of Liberty, Cape Cod. and finally to Great Smokey Mountains at Arrowmont, and home to Ganymede Studio's loving arms in January 2017 to join 40 years worth of stuff! So, if you are near any of these places watch for 'Piecing Together a Changing Planet' and watch for the albino alligator!  

I'm still knitting hexagons and have a couple of more rows ready to add on but it's still not approaching the size I need.  I even had to order four more skeins of black to join them together since I am going through it so quickly.  It now weighs about 20#s and will be worth nothing in afghan circles other than being decorative.  But it's a thousand colors and I am cutting back on colors in the new house.  And I have so much $$$ and time invested I can't just foist it off on someone.  

And now I am heading back to Home Depot to grab some bromeliads for the planting area that has gotten out of control and needs pulling out.  We signed a contract with a Real Estate company the other day and I'm working along trying to make it all cleaned out and neat outside as well as in.  Sure wish the people would start streaming through!  With cash.  

I really didn't finish with Lisa Kokin yesterday, I love her work so much I thought I'd show more today:

Lisa Kokin's website is HERE, but make sure you have some time to poke around, she is very prolific! 

Halloween Spider slippers-  HOW CREEPY!

 Donna Van Hooser is an illustrator and designer working at Hallmark Cards. But for the past 21 or so she has been making mosaics. I am blown away by her pet portraits. There is something so special and dignifying about them. I invite you to see more of the artist’s work on her Flickr portfolio.

Well, I don't have much to say about a purple squirrel with a briefcase.  I guess maybe he's hurrying to Starbucks for a business meeting?  The color is unfortunate.  Don't buy this mug for me.  Thnx

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