Friday, November 07, 2014

crematory mimetic pianist

Independent of harmony rules, any color 'goes' or 'works' with any other color, presupposing that their quantities are appropriate. (Josef Albers)

Some big progress made on the house the last few days.  Unfortunately my camera is too full to take pictures so I had to go back twice today to get caught up.  First trip there were a couple of trucks and guys in the trenches, second trip it was empty and the whole house was laid out so I could distinguish rooms and see sizes!  Very exciting to see, plus there are plumbing pipes now buried and ready to turn on my bathtub!
 This is the stairway to the second floor, what???  You didn't know that?  I'm hoping that with a bit of decorating-  and cleaning--- it will look better.   It seems that these guys forte might not be neat taping.  I'd do it over for them if I had my tape with me.

Now we're gonna talk about ART and here's my current artist-of-choice who will be one this weekend.  I hope his present arrived today.
This was an actual art class for one year olds, I wouldn't have done this on a bet, not that they had things like this back in the age of the donkey when my kids were one.  But his little work in front of him I think quite spectacular, and would make a great grandma Christmas present.  

Here's what I almost finished today for the ATC project I am trying to get ahead of.  I still have some stitching to do but I added a few jewels and some 'stuff' and they are now looking ore like little individual postcards.  I got my contact info all fused on and I finally see the end.  I would have done some more but my internet went out AGAIN, and I couldn't wait to restart this afternoon.  I will call AGAIN on Monday, dammit.
Used up a pile of old stuff and I swear, anything I cut from I tossed when I was done.  These are two old quilts I've used in multiple configurations, lots of my old redwork, and pictures cut out of toiles.  I hope only ten people show up because I have two favorites.  And I want to pocket them.

OK, speaking of Redwork, did you ever watch my YouTube video?  This about put me over the edge on learning slides-  I mean CURVES- had to learn iMovie, enunciation, and coordinate the slideshow all at the same time.  But here it is:

OK, Now we have some other people's art to check before we part ways-  I picked these because they are pinky red to go with the redwork above.



Created by New Delhi-based artist Mithu Sen, ‘Border Unseen’, as her work is called, is an 80-foot ‘sculptural barricade’ made of mostly dentures (and a few other knick knacks). But why dentures, why?  By using them as material, I intended to make a statement about the universality of human existence. It has been my response to all sorts of inequalities that exist around us’.


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