Sunday, November 16, 2014

croon deploy imperious

Color is like cooking. The cook puts in more or less salt, that's the difference! (Josef Albers)

I ran over to the studio today because a friend wanted to come use my cutting mats (she's only here for a short time and doesn't have her equipment with her) and I was desperate to pick up a bit-  housekeeping has been sorely neglected over there!  Anyway, it was nice having somebody there working along beside me again.  I added a few new ATCs because I had finished maybe 10, and had two to go but now I see I need 15 so I cut out a bunch more and filled and backed them-  I'll bind them tomorrow in a more conventional way to keep them square.  After, we went to a new restaurant to me, one with acai and berries and granola and a bunch of other ingredients I never heard of, but it was delicious and I will go back in a flash.  It was basically a fruit sundae which I am sure has sent the blood sugar off the thermometer, but Hey, it was really good.

I got my things over to the Lighthouse Gallery for the show coming up.  They took a couple of my encaustics, very tiny things, and one small quilt.  I guess I'll find out when the show opens and closes at some point-  it was organized at the last minute and of course I am able to grab things and get them there in no time all because of this  huge backlog of merch!    Sent off my bio and resume and statement today for the Piecing a New Planet show, and we got our postcards also so I'll start giving them out for anybody heading for Miami!  Is that you?  Send address and you get a postcard!  I'll scan this one tomorrow for the blog.

Today I have some ceramic-ish things to show you.  My stores of art are getting low because all my surfing around has been about the new house so perhaps today I will get back to collecting for the blog rather than all the files for the house!  I am a bit house-bound today having fallen off a shoe last night while walking the dogs after returning from dinner.  New shoes, high wedges, turned ankle.  Watching it turn color hourly, so I will be sitting with the icepack and fiddling around with the computer today.  Just noticed that my ankle will color coordinate nicely with these pieces!

What most of us might dismiss us rubbish, Israeli artist Zemer Peled sees the remains of broken ceramics as parts of something bigger. Armed with a hammer, she intentionally smashes the porcelain pieces she herself built, then rearranges them to form massive sculptures of flowers and corals.
Looking at them from afar, you’d think these were living, breathing organisms with epidermis akin to traditional Japanese pottery. We can only imagine the level of artistry one needs to be able to form beauty out of destruction. You can see more of Peled’s works on her website.

 Tiny worlds grow from the back of gigantic whales in Beijing-based artist Ruilin Wang’s imaginative series Dreams-Ark. The large scale ceramic works play with our sense of scale while inspiring questions about their meaning and the nature of dreams.

This Horillel, or Squirse, I don't know what--  was a 'gift' from my cousin, a guy I think I would like if we ever met.  Haven't seen him since he was a baby.  Weird family I have.

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