Monday, November 17, 2014

foursome bled chimera

If you miss Tom Magliozzi already, as I do, you may also want to give a read of the transcript of the brothers’ typically hilarious 1999 MIT Commencement Address, in which they describe how they used the school’s motto 
“Non impediti ratione cogitatonis” 
(they translate this from the Latin as 

“Unencumbered by the thought process” 
as a mantra throughout their lives. The basic message: don’t make yourself miserable in a pre-planned life that you don’t enjoy.

I have put the purple stove into the deep recesses of my head and decided on something that might be easier to work with throughout the house-  turquoise.  Trouble is there are 6 different turquoise blue colors to chose from:

Turquoise Blue 

                                    Water Blue
Oy.  Now you see my problem? 
 I am hoping that I can get some samples sent to me to make sure-  the monitor colors are different on all my different computers.

Light Green
                           Mint Turquoise

Pastel Turquoise


The thing is that the perfect color is the one I use for my quotes, above.

We got the appliance quote the other day and after we picked ourselves off the floor we started slashing.  Today I have a pared down list to get new quotes, it won't be the fancy stuff I loved, but it will certainly be serviceable.The concrete is being poured on Wednesday, we're on our way.    

But speaking of POURING:

Al WeiWei's ad campaign for a very high end clothing designer who gave him free rein.  Frankly I love the white coat with the red splash better than a pristine model, but aren't these photos wonderful?  

In our 3-D printing department-  Animal heads!  

 Linlin and Pierre-Yves are expert artists in the fields of Digital Creation. After having their beautiful artwork enjoyed around the world over the past few years, they now offer a new collection of lighting products. With 3D printing, their works take on a new dimension. These designs are a blend of their common inspiration. Their work is also infused with the ambiance of Paris, where they spend most of their time.

Kids for Squirrels-  Squirrels for Kids!

                          Love ya,   Sandy

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