Saturday, November 22, 2014

desultory three vultures

"The science of design is the source and essence of painting, sculpture, architecture. Sometimes it seems to me that all the works of the human brain and hand are either design itself or a branch of that art." (Michelangelo)

It's a Hallelujah Day today, they are actually pouring our concrete, and the Laugh of the Day is it's being done by BIG JOHNSTON Concrete Company.  Proof is in the puddin', as they say:
The big mixer backed up to the huge crane-thing that pumps it through hoses and out into the foundation, like this:

Here they are putting it into the second garage where TY will keep his toy, but anybody else would keep a golf cart.
And it's been raining all day, these guys are wet through their clothes but they finished it up and I'll get over there tomorrow for the next installment.  I know there will be many days with no visible changes, so I get excited at these things going on!

We had a meeting at the window place this morning and the only windows I liked were double the price of the ones I'm getting.  They all looked so colonial...  But we also found a great steel door there so up a step, down a step every day.

Other than that I got nuthin' to report.

Oh yes I do-  I got a Second Place in the Watercolor,Paint, and Mixed Media category of the show I am in here-  and I got the award for a quilt.  Go figure.   Granted it has some spray paint on it but no way would I have stuck it in that category.  I guess they didn't have an 'Oddities" section?  I haven't been to the show basically because I didn't know the opening was last night and they would have called me up for the award and made a fuss.  And instead I made up a batch of leftovers here and we watched another section of 'The Killing' until we were spent with the emotions they slam on us.  

Now, Officially, I don't have anything else.   See you tomorrow.

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