Thursday, November 20, 2014

cameron revolt harvested

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.
Live the life you have imagined." 
~ Henry David Thoreau

Back in Building Mode here.  I continue to go to the lot and snap pictures whenever the camera allows me.  I've been down to buy a new phone but the new ones have less capacity than the one I have that's full so I am waiting for a bigger capacity.  I can get one mailed to me BUT the dates they aim for are the two weeks I will be here and there and not available to accept a package.  So, I wait to order the new phone until I will at least be around!  But today I got two pictures taken before it balked.  These are tres exciting-  hold your hats on:

I know, I know, you're so jealous, right?  Bet you wish you owned a whole bunch of 2x4s wearing orange hats.  Yesterday they finished the rebar and whatever it is pounded through the plastic to ready it for the concrete tomorrow.  I was right, they had to delay it for the weather for a few days.  So, today we went to talk to the window guy and it took a long time because we discussed each and every $%^&* window in the place.  We had to make some changes in a few but I don't think anyone will care.  Some are bigger, some smaller, and we made the giant picture window in the shower stall disappear.  Tomorrow I have an 8 AM appointment back with the guy to show me his samples-  not a problem since he is located a few doors down in my studio Industrial Park.  Lucky me.  

Meanwhile the floor guy gave us an estimate for the entire house, so we put that fire out and he resubmitted for just the rooms we want wood and the staircase.  

And the most exciting thing is that after the meeting we went down the street to Rocco's Tacos for lunch and mojito, something I am quite unaccustomed to so don't judge me!  In the bathroom stalls they have little framed movie screens where they show Jack Black in some Mexican comedy about wrestling.  I missed the good parts because I had to get back to the mojito.

The thing is Rocco's has the most amazing chandeliers-  many armed things with giant metal stars at all the ends.  The main room was all amber lights, the smaller room was all white lights in the stars.  Both of us loved them but don't have a source in Mexico so we grabbed the manager and he gave us a name we will follow through with.  I should have saved my 1 photograph for the ceiling instead of the bathroom movie.

 This collection of stones by Yoran Morvant. Morvant is is an architectural draftsman by trade. The lines on these stones are carefully drafted by hand, forming sequences of layered patterns. You can see more stones by Yoran Morvant here 

Back in 2009, Italian designer Giuseppe Randazzo of Novastructura released a series of generative digital “sculptures” that depicted carefully organized pebbles and rocks on a flat plane. Titled Stone Fields, the works were inspired in part by similar land art pieces by English sculptor Richard Long. As the images spread around the web (pre-dating this publication entirely) many people were somewhat disheartened to learn the images were created with software instead of tweezers, a testament to Randazzo’s C++ programming skills used to create a custom application that rendered 3D files based on a number of parameters.Fast forward to 2014, and technology has finally caught up with Randazzo’s original vision. The designer recently teamed up with Shapeways to create physical prototypes of the Stone Fields project.  How cool is that!

And finally, a Thanksgiving dinner for the Hamster Family.  Looks like they ordered a chef for the day.  (Hamsters are allowed to fill in for squirrels occasionally.)

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