Wednesday, November 26, 2014

ibis arrhenius sash

my little passive aggressive way of telling it to snow, tempting the fates to ignore me!

"The painting is not on a surface, but on a plane which is imagined," said Philip Guston. "It moves in a mind. It is not there physically at all. It is an illusion, a piece of magic, so that what you see is not what you see."

Today is the empty refrigerator day, the dogs-to-kennel day, the finishing up and cleaning up in the studio, the packing last minute throw-ins, the mail stopping, and filling the electronics bag.  On my way out now to drive by the cement pad and see if anybody is there, then to the studio.  My mind is cluttered, know I'm forgetting a few things.

UPDATE:  Arrived in Boston to find out that there WILL BE snow, starting with rain today, Wednesday, and dumping a couple of inches through tonight.  Guess I'll drag out the old consignment shop metallic bronze boots, never worn by their previous owner and a bargain at half the price.  

We slept in past the alarm clock so when I happened to glance at the clock it was exactly when we had decided we would leave for the airport- you've never seen such a scramble to get out but we were dressed and in the car within about 8 minutes and made it to TSA where they let me go through now like a human being without the strip search, thanks to the JetBlue App- plenty of time to grab a coffee thanks to the Starbucks App.  

 As soon as we got home I hiked over to Whole Foods to buy the stuff I needed for my contribution to the Thanksgiving dinner-  I nearly had to abandon the project-  police directing traffic into and out of the parking lot, things all over the store that I needed were not on the shelves where they should be but instead in displays that you could walk right by while looking for the right shelf!  Had to corner a guy who made the mistake of asking me what I was looking for and he directed me to the final few things and I was out of there.  
What am I making you ask? STUFFING.  Yeah, that's all but I have nothing to work with in the cupboards so have to reinvent the wheel.  Lordy, I even BOUGHT cornbread for the sausage stuffing, and got the mild sausage rather than my preferred chorica.  Then I also got stuff got the vegan version with sourdough bread and lots of mushrooms.  I spent the afternoon sauteing away and it's all ready to assemble tonight to transport.  Oh, we are also supplying the turkey but TY farmed out that project-  he LOVES turkey and was afraid our vegetarian DIL and our too-adventurous son might mess it up so instead ordered a cooked version we can pick up right out of the oven and let it 'rest' in the car ride over to their apartment.

We had been invited to my SIL's for dinner last night and my head nearly fell into my plate a couple of times, couldn't wait to get home to take an aspirin to fix the headache from giving away my coffee that morning to TY!  We fell into bed at 8 PM, exhausted.  Today we see more family for a few hours, hope the snow isn't too bad to schlepp up there.  I keep reminding myself I do have those boots...

This BBC video is a wonderful story about how hermit crabs change their shells as they outgrow them-  it's quite funny the way they line up to take over the next bigger house as it's abandoned and they all move up a step.  JUST LIKE ME-  I am in line to abandon the current house I've outgrown and have to grab the next bigger size to cram myself into!  OK, so it's a parable! You'll like it, and I'm sure you have nothing else to do today, eh?

I found some COPPER bar stools that I loved in this mornings web check-in for stuff-  but then there was this little YouTube video about assembling them and I hate the legs so I won't be ordering them,  BUT here they are being assembled by Mr. SQUIRREL, something a bit different.  He sure is efficient-  wish I had one in residence.  If you get tired of Mr. Squirrel after he takes off his paws, stay tuned to the end as he reports an accident...

OMG, I forgot the ART!  Come back tomorrow and I'll do a double dog dose.   Now, get back to cooking those chestnuts and shucking those oysters.  

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