Tuesday, November 11, 2014

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In my basic courses I have always tried to develop discovery and invention which, in my opinion, are the criteria of creativeness. (Josef Albers)

Came home the afternoon from a quick trip to the construction site where I found this dumped in the driveway:
Yeaaa, Rebar!  

I realized that TY von Bulow had injected Sunny von Donabed with her insulin and given both dogs their dinner.  Good hubby, right?  Nope, I had done the deed before I raced out to check the lot, was gone 15 minutes and came home to two empty bowls AGAIN.  So I put Sunny von Donabed on watch for signs of too much insulin but so far she seems to be OK.  A bit of a scare.  I can't find his little black bag, and Sunny hasn't gone into a coma yet.  

Yesterday I got 3 encaustic paintings, a fiber collage, and 2 quilts ready for a show at 

the Lighthouse Art Center-  I have no idea what they will take, this is all very last 

minute so I'll tell you what I find out as I go along.  Next:  

We got the postcard info today, this is the show opening in Key Biscayne during the

 Art Basel Miami weekend-  worth the trip!  Sunday Dec 7th, 1-3

Talk about unconventional! Armed only with a magnifying glass, indigenous artist Jordan Mang-osan utilizes the powers of the sun to create pyrographic etchings on wood. Growing up among the Igorot tribe, he recreates the lush and mountainous landscapes of his native region in the Mountain Provinces.
How does he do it? He starts by sketching a design, then focuses the rays of the sun on the artwork using the magnifying glass. The process is time-consuming, requiring a ton of patience to carefully etch the darkened lines into the wood until an image is finally formed. One artwork usually takes several months to finish.

From my BORN YESTERDAY files, this just in.  Love the last line.

Dear Customer
Please note that the  process of updating customer data has therefore account will be suspended from any client did not provide us with full information of the account
In order to make a new database for the company and maintain the safety of our customers more.
Please login to your  from the link below and update all the data within 48 hours

Wondering why you got this email?
The sending of this email applies when the expiration date of your account expires.

Typically during winter in Japan, families gather around a portable stove to cook food in a steamy pot of meat and veggies. They call this a ‘nabe’ (pronounced as na-bay). Last December, boredom got the best of Masanori Kono, so he decided to play with one of the ingredients: grated daikon radish. His first creation was a polar bear, sculpted entirely out of the radish and given seaweed eyes and nose. more
Shortly after posting a photo of it on twitter, his Daikon Art became viral. Since then, he’s made other recipes like pandas, llamas, sheep, and cats. He’ll also be coming out with a book called ‘Grated Daikon Art’, which features photos and recipes from his collection.

Today I was headed down to _______'s to do some cyber-sleuthing on a fabric they have that is a direct ripoff of a famous maker.  I'll report what I find when I actually GET there to investigate.  But I took the wrong turn and ended up at TJMaxx instead.  Bad me. But you'll imagine that I had a grand time.  First I found a cozy sweater, a nice warm one to travel north in, and then I saw two items that I must share:
Hey, this guy has a glass jaw!

and there is a hipster squirrel in the dog toy department!  

I bought the sweater, left these guys on the sales floor.  
Wow, just re-read this and it looks like I am on something a bit illusionary.  Nope, had salmon carpaccio tonight and not a single vision.  OI'll make more sense another day.   

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Sandy said...

serendipity pyrography... someone should tell him about soldering irons.
what I have been doing
Sandy over here
PS.the inside of my nose still smells burning fabric. I should probably wear some kind of mask. But then I grew up in a house heated with wood...so what is the difference?