Monday, November 10, 2014

marital scramble gorham

“I like messy people; people who don’t fit in a box or stay between the lines, but who’s integrity is greater than any rule book and who’s loyalty is stronger than blood.”

- Jim Wern

I had the most exciting morning today, all before 6:30 when it wasn't quite light yet!  I was out in my slippers and jammies walking the dogs in the rain- duh- when I came across a huge bunch of birds on the banks of the pond behind our house-  very odd, had never seen so many or such a variety before with ibis, herons, and the other assortment of pretty white water birds dominated by the storks flying in.  I took the dogs home and splashed back to watch them and it turns out that the most of them were Wood Storks, which are either endangered or on a watch list because they aren't reproducing as they used to in South Florida.  Frankly after 20 years here  I have never seen one before.
They were simply spectacular, especially when two of them would come into conflict here and there and simply levitate flapping and biting each other until one would declare himself the victor.  An hour later, on my way to the studio, the stragglers were still around the pond.  What a treat!

Artist Harry Roseman takes the ubiquitous material known as plywood and with careful cuts and placement, creates the illusion that this rigid material is pliable. The large pieces include “folds” that make them look as though they are textiles. Roseman uses a single piece of wood and mismatches its grain to break up the visual monotony; it fools us into think that there’s a back and a front to this “fabric.”

 It’s hard to believe, but each of these lattice-like pieces is hand-cut from a single sheet of Chinese xuan (rice) paper using an X-acto knife… and no rulers or stencils. They are the work of Pittsburgh-based artist Bovey Lee (we’ve admired her work before) who has been perfecting her precise craft since 2005. Her recent pieces feature dense frameworks of plant life, interspersed with the creations of the human world – a contrast she continues to explore:

And with that, it's time for our nutty little friends, these of the Euro variety-  you can tell by their fancy designer ears-  the domestic versions are much more conservative.
from and old friend today-  a squirrel-klatch.  
I've always like sitting at round tables, don't you?

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