Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanks, or not, Giving, or not

Four Turkeys,  65" x 64"
vintage fabrics, repurposed household items, rusted linen and cotton

Sandy's Thanksgiving holiday memories, not many good ones, but a cheery veneer.  I always felt holidays were fraught with disaster:  see bottom panel.  This most likely if the root of my overdoing holidays at my own house and still feeling empty and unfulfilled after.  OK, Therapy R Us here.  Now that I don't have to do the big family deal anymore I am so happy to just plain not do ANYTHING and enjoy a day off to hang out.  Of course this isn't how I *should* feel so I make my stuffing and go to whoever is doing it this year and smile, then retreat to the kitchen to do dishes.  I'm a silent butler, but still on edge waiting for that next shoe to drop. 

Note to self,  rip this thing off the wall and remove the border!  Note from self:  OK.

PS-  you should have seen what I did at Christmas!  Let's just say that I always exited the festivities and ended up lying on the wood floor with back spasms in private.  But that's a whole other overachievers quilt, isn't it?  As soon as I figure out how to add the Chipmunk Christmas album mp3 and a few strings of little LED lights to a quilt I'll start working.  My last quilt with Christmas tree lights doesn't light up anymore, but it's seen 20+ years of passive aggressive protest.  I need some new technology.

close enough

Hard to decide who to root for in this fight since I am also a raven fan, but you gotta admit the squirrel is a loyal little guy and seems to get the final say.  

To not appear the total holiday asshole, I do a few charity things now, throw some money around and put in a bit of effort and it really helps get past this attitude.  I just didn't want to leave you thinking I wallow too deeply anymore, basically I just avoid and it works well.


Mary Beth Frezon said...

Happy Day Off to You!

Here's what you might need for your future project

at this point I figure we can pick the work that we want to do and disregard the rest.

Mary Beth

my croft said...

I hear you.
My holiday tradition is: a dear, dear friend invites me to dinner. And I decline. It's our tradition, every year. I get to feel wanted and he gets to feel understanding. It works for us.
Otherwise from Columbus Day to Xmas eve, I slip into a burrow and pull it in after me. (I am, however, fond of the feeling of timelessness between Xmas and New Year's.) No apologies. No excuses. I yam what I yam.