Saturday, November 29, 2014

sculpture chairwoman built

Fred Schero's remark: "Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion.
 You must first set yourself on fire."

You know what makes me mad?  So-called 'therapy dogs' who get to sit on the plane in their favorite lap.  We know these old ladies only use the dogs to get them on the plane without paying for them like you have to when they get stuffed under the seat.  Every time I land in Palm Beach I'll see ancient ladies in minks in wheelchairs with pocket pets on their laps and no 'certified pet containers', or even leashes:  'therapy' in as much as their 'mothers' need therapy for being so attached that they become criminals sneaking them on with their on-line 'certificates'.  Frosts my pumpkin. 

ANYway, we are back under the palm trees and our own dogs (who NEED therapy) are home and happy to be here.  We brought TY's Uncle back with us on the plane, an elderly guy that we love who has a house about a mile from us.  He loves to be in FL but it's hard for him to travel alone so we help out when we can.  Today I picked up some groceries for him and tonight he's coming for dinner.  I'm pretty busy the next few days so it turned out this is the only time we can do it.  Flopped a big fat chicken on the grill and made some scalloped sweet potatoes, easy peasy.

I got quite a shock when I did my drive-by of the house yesterday-  we've got WALLS now, not nearly all of them, but enough so I can show TY the room sizes and what the views will be.  We arrived as the sun was going down and it looks like we won't have much direct sun into the house during the day which I like-  things fade quickly or you need windows coated if you're too exposed.  Plus it will save the electric bill for AC use.

pit for elevator shaft (for next residents!)

master bath

master bedroom

kitchen, the place for the turquoise stove

view of the future pool
I'm really loving the process of building so far, not so much the process of picking stuff out.  I'm getting a new trove of rebar photographs and dumpster shots for a few more collages *just in case*.  The troubling part is so far it's looking a lot bigger than we intended.  Stay tuned.   

Hari Kuyo is a Japanese festival dedicated to old and broken needles.....these are stuck into tofu placed outside of shrines and thanked for all their hard work.Many women consider Hari Kuyo as a time to value the small, everyday objects of daily life that are otherwise forgotten. 
You can read more about this tradition here.....

And because I started out talking about dogs, and I end up below talking about dogs, here are some DOGS!   Jumping dogs!

If this was a solid color dog, it would be the closest to mine.  They look best when jumping!

 In ‘Freestyle Series’, German photographer Julia Christe captures the bewildered/anxious/aloof expressions of different dogs as they jump for an object outside of the frame.  I have a few more of these but I'll save them for the next dog-centered post, OK?

And finally, some squirrels for your canine pet's pleasure-  the 'Hide-a-Squirrel'
These are the replacement squirrels because they are little and get devoured quickly

Here's the Christmas version of squirrel, if your pet happens to be Christian or possibly still believes in Santa.

And the full stump and a few non resident stump dwellers.

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