Sunday, December 21, 2014

dulse mo bryant

“I’m 67 years old; you’re not going to tell me what to do. 
The only person who can boss me around now is my daughter.” —Patti Smith

YAHOO-  I got to the studio pretty early today, right after I went to visit the house and see my plywood roof.  It's covering about half the house now, and they are beginning work on the second floor, however, they will only work 2 days next week, and 2 days on the New Year's week so they won't get much done.  At least I'll be able to go over there and sit in my lawn chair.
An old friend wanted a piece so I finished that up and got it wrapped and ready to mail out whenever I get myself down to FedEx. Hopefully I can get some presents off at the same time-  at least I bought myself some time.  I worked on the circle quilt the whole rest of the time until I hit the wall.  

Last night I woke up at 3 AM, probably because of the dog trying to jump onto the bed and landing on my stomach.  But I was lying there awake and ready to work so I solved some problems of the circle quilt.  It's all made of vintage stuff that I have had around forever, and I am desperately trying not to CUT it, but Self told me in no uncertain terms that cutting is the way to go, it's OK to make it up as I go....  So, today TY is going elsewhere to watch a football game and *I* am hitting the studio with scissors poised for a whole parcel of new problems!  But I have my permissions from Self so it will be OK. I'm holding her responsible.

And on wards to the House Department:
They are going at warp speed, and I was able to spend a good long time yesterday studying stuff and seeing little tweaks here and there.  I have to wait to solve it though until after the New Year because everybody is gone until then.  Meanwhile, the second floor was delivered:
(The second floor is only over a small part of the house.)

My gracious welcoming entry...  wear hightops and wipe your feet.

Pretty roof trusses over the rest of the house.  This would really test my perspective skills!

Living room- wish I could just leave it open!

Public Service announcement

And finally, Christmas in South Florida-  not like northern days, different, but nice!

 I'm leaving early today from blogging because I know nobody is visiting over the weekend before Christmas.  I may or may not be back tomorrow as I seem to have been lax lately in this department.  We'll see how much I get done in the studio.

With thanks to Deanna who occasionally finds me short on squirrels!


Deanna said...

House is really moving along. Hope Pepper heals quickly. Loved the construction men cookies. Bet they did too.

Rayna said...

ho ho ho - will see you next among the palm trees.
Teaching in Jupiter in early Feb at the South Fla MQG.
Will talk to you/see you sometime in January. I plan to make a visit to the Mancuso Quilt show in West Palm in Jan, while I am there.
cheers and happy holidays!