Friday, December 19, 2014

massive glue increasable

Through a painting, we can see the whole world.  Hans Hoffman

Yesterday I found myself in deep doodoo.  I admit to being stressed and overdoing worrying about one thing or another-  first of all Pepper's re-stitching and trying to keep him quiet after he pulled off his bandages and ate through his stitches.  They gave his some good drugs because he pretty much slept like a little lamb for ONE day but was ready to climb the walls and live a vertical life yesterday.  I have a very active dog and he resents not peeing on grass.  But more on that at another time.
I was told that the construction crew needs all my plumbing choices last week, but nobody told me that before so I called the plumbing place and the woman I have to see is going on vacation until the 5th of January.  So the building will come to a massive halt until I have my appointment with her.  On the 6th I have the appointment with the cabinetmaker for everything built-in in the house, also scheduled way past the date somebody should have told me to do that!  
So at 1 PM I got a call from a good friend wanting to know if I was coming to lunch or not.  HUH???  I had completely forgotten about accepting an invitation to her Christmas lunch at 12:30.  I threw on a better pair of khakis and drove the one block over to her house where 6 women were waiting for me, so embarrassing!  But it was perfect to be there and to forget all the crap for 2 hours.  I owe her big now and have to come up with something special to apologize.  
No tv here, so I had to be home by 3 to wait for Comcast and they actually did arrive on time.  As I was trying to corral the livestock and herd them into the bedroom, Pepper slipped out of his collar and I lunged for him and fell face first onto the stone floor and both dogs went after the poor Comcast guy who stood there asking me over and over if I was OK.  NO I WAS NOT OK.  I checked to see if I still had teeth, pulled myself up and grabbed the dogs and threw them at the bedroom.  Comcast guy was bound and determined to get out of here asap, and I needed to chill.
Anyway, that was my wake up call that things were out of control.  Today my shoulder is really hurtiing, but I immediately started in on the series of exercises I did for 6 months at PT and hope it works.  And Aleve.  Thanksgod I have a big bottle.

Today TY's friend from the west coast (of FL) is coming to stay a few days to play some golf, so I have to get the place set up for a guest being here,basically pulling all the stuff I have stashed in the guest room closet out, and THEN I am going to the sorely neglected studio to work on the round piece.  I still don't know if it's a 'go' yet, but I do have to start over and do it right.

Wonderful TED talk explaining fluid turbulence in artist's work.  I LOVE physics, wish I would have known about it years ago!  Sure, I might have had to repeat a class to 'get it', but it wouldn't have been the first time (ask my algebra teacher, Mrs. Pease or my Latin teacher, Mrs. Bacon!  Yeah, really.)

This was a result of watching a video of Jackson Pollock and the research that was more recently done on his painting technique which the experts decided was an exercise in turbulent flow of his paints.  Briefly, 'The laws of physics were greater collaborators with Jackson Pollock than most painters.  Leaning over unstretched canvas flat on the ground, Pollock experimented with movement, speed, density and height in his drip technique.  Recent research has explored how fluid dynamics were an essential aspect of his Abstract Expressionist technique."

The current research continues to look at how the characteristics of the paint influence the work, which in turn can tell something about fluid dynamics.   In particular the new study centers on how the viscosity of the paint changes when stress is applied.  Paint is a non-Newtonian fluid, meaning it's a little elastic in it's properties.  The movement of the wet paint and how it appears on the canvas is all about how it can resist flow, and Pollock with all his layers of warped lines caused by playing with these properties is a perfect artist for studying fluid dynamics.  The researchers also found that the properties of the paints used were of great importance to achieve these patterns.  (Pollock was known for using whatever paint he could get his hands on!) Now, I'm gonna repeat the quote from above as something to think on the rest of the day!

Through a painting, we can see the whole world.  Hans Hoffman 

So, there ya go.  My big problem now is trying to get some fluid turbulence in my own work without sacrificing my ear or my sobriety.  Hope your Christmas stuff is all done-  maybe I'll get up enough holiday energy to start mine soon.  I did get some silver balls up on the front gate, the full extent of my festivity with the house on the market.  

From my cousin- yes, Cousin Vinny!- who I haven't seen since he was about 3 and recently 
reconnected with on Facebook- and who seems to have a mind as warped as mine!

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