Monday, December 29, 2014

flops sanctify palacesbundy

"Style is something that comes in spite of itself. 
Because you've worked, you've looked." (Mark Adams)

A little unveiling of Del Boca Vista on case you've been wondering where I am-  won't show the whole thing yet, wait till it's further along.  But right now 'further along' seems near impossible!  I worked again today on it rearranging stuff as I found a whole new secret bag full of stuff to add.  This batch was all obsessively stated and ironed so it appears bright white against my ecru, beige, and coffee colored remnants.  This lady took care of her stuff-  no holes in the solid fabric parts of the tablecloths, and only the slightest catch here and there in the deep hand done laces.  Fortunately the new layer is very open and you can see right down through the three other layers kind of like you're expecting a fish to swim by.  The problem with this is that it's getting awfully heavy, but maybe when I take the box of pins out it will be lighter?  One can hope.

Crusty, isn't it?

I took Pepper in for another bandage change, hoping they would take out the stitches and let him go but we have 2 more days to go before we hit the 14 day mark on the second set of stitches he pulled out so I will be patient.  He cannot wait to run in the grass again, it's all I can do to hold him back. poor guy. 
Here he is in his Christmas Wreath bandages, today he is sporting' bright green with white stripes, like a team player.  Pepper is NOT a team player...

House guys were crawling all over the place today putting on the second floor.  Tomorrow another cement guy comes but then there will be nothing happening until next week.  Meanwhile I am constantly looking for this or that and revisited two chandeliers I loved a few weeks back.  One of them I am pretty hot on still, the other one was't as cool as I originally thought.  On the way to the studio I pass the pretty lame Jupiter TJMaxx and since it's old age discount day today I stopped in.  They had piles of rugs and I fell for one cheapie I saw, walked around and debated it to death.  But for $149 plus my discount today, down to $139, I figure I will use it SOMEwhere, but right now it's intended for the front hall.  I won't show it to TY until we move in.  Hell, with all the crap I've accumulated I probably won't even find it til move in.  Thank goodness I have a huge studio, though I have to say the junk is drastically interfering in my work and I can't wait to do a major clean out and get back to real life soon.

I was checking on a back order on easy the other day and found these amazingly cute felted balls-  you can buy them in multi colors and multi sizes as plain or marbleized or embroidered and bedazzled things to use in all sots of ways.  I am thinking of getting a few strings of white balls to pretend they are snowballs for next year.  
Little felted worlds

flowers and vegetables

 and these adorable acorns
 and beautiful embroidered moths
and planets to go with the earth balls !

My granddaughter used to call any small round things 'chubbies' and it was her word for everything from blueberries to lint balls to cereal.  

To go along with the planet balls today, I have a special matching squirrel!  How lucky is that.


Anonymous said...

Love that cartoon!Lajla :)

Max said...

Tintoy Chicken ROCKS!

Sandy said...

Last week or before I tried to find the post to find out what happened to Pepper, but couldn't find it. What happened to him?