Tuesday, December 30, 2014

dealers jog obsidian

“I’m attracted to roles that are unpredictable, and if I can get my hands on something like that, I’m thrilled. I like performances where you don’t know what’s coming, moment to moment.”~ Timothy Olyphant, b. 20 May 1968

Headed for my stitch group in a little while-  most are women who have aged out of golf and like to sit and gossip like me!  There's only one more exhibiting artist in the mix who does some interesting textural embroidery  (I save my thread leftovers for her), but a few expert knitters and a lot of beginning needlepointers who are there for, well, 'needle pointers' from the one woman who is an expert. Last year we had 2 rug hookers but one of them has sworn off ever doing that again.  The other one does lovely work and lugs the whole thing in when she's in town-  fascinating to watch a rug develop!   So there's some teaching, lots of helping, and a couple of hours of catching up on what's going on here.  What it ISN'T is stimulating art talk.  Tonight I am going to a bit of that down in Palm Beach where they are discussing the Art Basel Miami extravaganza.  I just want to hear what the art community thinks of it so will hike on down to eavesdrop!  

I am NOT dieting for 2015.  My 'resolution'.  In a more positive mode, I want to do more work in the studio.  There, that about says it.

You may not want to watch this whole video, it gets quite boring about halfway into it, but you'll get the point long before that.

 Peter and Juwels keeps growing. Today I present you with a beautiful series of collages that they created using real flowers, mushrooms, feathers, and other elements from nature. Read the fascinating story about these unique pressed buttons here.

And I want to finish off the bunch of images I have from 'We Make Carpets' that I started the other day.

firecracker rug

macaroni rugs

umbrella rug

And finally, squirrel time

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