Friday, December 12, 2014

governor coffin excelling

 There are painters who transform the sun into a yellow spot, but there are others who … transform a yellow spot into the sun.
—Artist Pablo Picasso

No rest for the wicked last night-  Pepper was in his crate, which he hates, for about 20 minutes, just long enough for us to drift off, when he stated his low growly huffy air expulsion bark.  I let if go for awhile but then got worried he needed to go out and got up, but he wouldn't go to the front door, instead bolted for his favorite sleeping spot UNDER the bed.  How he can cram himself in that narrow space amazes us, but one he had wiggled in he was quiet until maybe 3 AM.  We took the cone off of him-  he doesn't seem to be at all worried about his leg so I'llwatch for the first signs of him licking or chewing and slam that thing back on.  But for now, HE thinks HE is just fine!  But I need to know there is somebody here watching him at least for a few more days.

 My new phone arrived yesterday and I was finally able to test a few of the Apps I've collected.  This one transforms a photo into a watercolor and I was so impressed with my first two attempts I needed to show you:  First, these are my grandkids playing on a striped rug-  love the graphic quality of the rug against the patterned dress.
And this one was a random picture of the construction trenches even before the cement was poured:
Neither one were any good as photographs, but I'm really happy with an App that does cool stuff!  Oh yeah, it's 'Waterlogue'.

And that leads me right into last night's photos of the work going on:

Roof Trusses!  And check out that crane!  High excitement i the neighborhood as they are wondering what in hell is going on!  TY informed his friends yesterday that we decided not to build after all, instead we're FRACKING.  That shut them up.  

Today we have a leaf theme, two artists with different ideas but similar materials:

 Artist Omid Asadi has been transforming fallen leaves using just a craft knife and a needle – and in the process, giving them a new art filled life. A hole here, a slice there, and fantastic silhouettes appear out of the fragile brown shapes. Asadi has been cutting away at a wide range of subjects – everything from celebrity portraits, to artwork inspired by a friend’s tattoo, and wild animals. In most cases, his works smartly play off the natural shape of the leaf they embellish.

Leaf Beast is a recent project by freelance illustrator and artist Baku Maeda that seemingly brings dead leaves back to life. Maeda took advantage of the warped shape and veiny structure of dried magnolia leaves and made only minimal cuts to create each piece.

And, finally, another squirrel-  this one is by my favorite ceramic artist, Laura Zindel's pottery.  I've collected a few pieces over the years but this squirrel I NEED to get!  I think this is one of those Euro tufted-ear exotic guys.  So nice!

And since it's Friday again, I wish you a fun weekend ahead.  I'll be here alternating between checking on the construction and caring for the ailing doggie.  Plus I think our Uncle might be coming for a little meatloaf.  Exciting?  You betcha.  I bought $24 worth of coffee today, I'm set for anything.

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Sandy Gregg said...

Hi Sandy

I love that Waterlogue App. Thanks for letting us know about it. Try putting photos of your artwork into it. It could give them a second life!